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When I was a little younger, there were neighbors and classmates I’ve been rubbing elbows with who are often than not been scolded by their parents because of living a life different from what their family wanted it to be. Who’ve been befriending with people their family do not want them to be with. And doing such things which for them aren’t supposed for them.

I thought being rebellious is just how I saw it before and thought that I won’t be just like them. Them who are smoking, joining fratternity, getting into troubles, getting drunk often, going home very late, having baby at teenage, and other things that get to the nerve of their parents.

But to make things clear, I am not one of any of the mentioned.

I’m just sharing this because I feel like I’m kind of rebellious in my family in the different side of the book, a thing I didn’t ever realize until the past days. And I don’t think I’m wrong in being such.

I just don’t believe with how they want their lives to be and how they go on with it with principles I don’t believe, either. It just feels strange living in a home where people you live with speaks different ideals from you. Often times, hindi ako kumikibo sa bahay. I don’t want to interrupt them but at the same time I don’t want to be influenced with outlooks I don’t really see true and right.

Or maybe they don’t understand how I want my life go? Or maybe it was I who do not understand them? But looking back, I know I fairly fathom how situation went on in the family because at this age, I already have that wisdom to weigh what is right from wrong.

It’s just kinda funny to call it “rebellious” if we know it’s for the best and much funnier to realize that you are “rebellious” at an age a little too late for it.

So what’s the point?

The point is, not because I am against what’s prevailing doesn’t mean dissenting. It’s just that, there are times that we want to change accustomed things yet, we simply can’t voice it out.