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It’s my first time to be in a national conference like this one of MSD. I’m really thankful to be given a chance to be part of it. Dati kasi, I just know what conference is about since my company of thesis was PICC which conducts such activity. At least by now, I know how it look likes and feel to be in a conference than just merely hearing it from the people whom we’ve interviewed before.

The conference was held last January 7-9 at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. Leaders talked about performance of the last year and how the Philippine franchise of Merck would want to be for this year. Definitely, it was an inspiring event. Something I actually look forward to for this year ‘coz right now questions were just popping around my head trying to prophesize what might happen this year and to actually give peace to my curiousity. Seems like I’m getting excited to end the year while it actually just started.

For the three days I was there, learning was the best thing I obtained. I seriously learned a lot from that experience taking into account the exposures I was given in meetings and presentations. It made me closer to the company I worked for, knowing their vision and goals for the company and how do efforts are being exerted to make these things happen. I realized while sitting in the corner of the meeting room, I just met the few fantastic people of the pharma industry.

Although I don’t play a very siginificant role yet in the team, I am very thankful to my bosses who gave me this chance. Maybe not up to this time, but I know soon, every single thing and learning I stored from those meetings will then be very significant to me and to the team.

I am praying for a good year this year for MSD. I’ll make my part in any little thing to make the company rise above all. :)