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I know it’s too late to post this one but will still do for some learning in may provide you…

Christmas season, aside from the season of happiness, has also been a season for opportunist. Wherever you are, there they are. I know life is tough but getting out from it in an undesirable way wouldn’t always been acceptable most especially to make Christmas the reason to do it.

I and my friends were going to Dampa in Pasay just in front HK Sun Plaza. We rode a jeep going to Mall of Asia just so we could ride a cab driving to Dampa. As far as I and the other passengers know, there hasn’t fare hike reported for the month, reason to wonder why we were asked to pay 10 pesos per head. So I asked the driver, “bakit 10 lang po yung sukli namin?” We were 9, we paid 100-peso bill. He told us “Pasko naman, saka hihingian din kami nung mga traffic enforcers”.

Yes I understand it’s Christmas and there is a reason to give. But giving shouldn’t be imposed. If we want to receive, earn it. Otherwise, it’s not giving at all.

I wanted to report this to whom it may concern. But I realized, reporting this would just waste anyone’s time because reported or not, I know there isn’t changes happening. As the driver said, the reason why they do it was that there’s another people asking for that money who unfortunately are the people that supposedly be servicing the public.

At some point, I understand where the drivers were coming from because I’ve witnessed such story. I understand why they passed onto the passengers the burden of “giving”. We worked because we want to earn a living that for most of the jeepney drivers were insufficient.

I know the 2-peso variance we paid that day was just little. But I believe this isn’t about money anymore. It’s about the ideal that no one deserves to be a victim of another victim’s story. No one deserves to be a victim of people getting out of poverty. And no one deserves to be in public service for their selfish purpose.