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with my officemates.

with my officemates.

December has always been a busy time indeed. One, simply because it’s year-end and companies in fast moving goods industry do look after getting targets and quota. Second, it’s Christmas season and Philippines having the longest season to celebrate will definitely make sure that events and all stuff are worth celebrating. And third, we just deserve to have fun.

Over the last few weeks, things at work where getting better and better and the sense of belonginess to me is becoming real. Maybe as a result of series of activitiees that little by little made me interact more with the people I work with.

Late November, the company announced Christmas Decor Contest within the office. Eleven teams competed to win the prize. My team got an advise from an architect just so we have plan of transforming our assigned area into the theme we decided to follow, “Star ng Pasko”. Every after office hours, we stayed for about 3-4 hours to dedicate time to decorate and help out each other. We also worked on Saturday to finish it on time and make the area more presentable to the judges. We put Christmas tree covered with vintage type of paper with lights inside of it and faked gift boxes underneath. Beside it was the baby Jesus being the Star ng Pasko. And then we placed different design of stars around the area. As a result, I believe we’ve achieved how we want the area to look like. Although we didn’t win, the experience of it is already worth celebrating.

The announcement of the winners were done in the company-wide Christmas Party. It’s actually a masquerade party, though there must be something wrong with the people not wearing their masks. :) I wore black and white theme in my black suit, black tie and black shoes and white polo. My mask was half white and half black. Thanks to the creative hands of my friends bhabez and Evan. I then got a chance to join a game. Kakahiya haha. The game was combination of Bring Me and Trip to Jerusalem. Just think of how the mechanics would be. :) I ended up 4th place but happy coz I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the support of my teammates! Overall, the party was good and would be better if people wore their mask in this masquerade party. :)

And on the 21st, we had our department Christmas Party in my boss’s house in Merville. We also had games like Pinoy Henyo, Trip to Jerusalem with a twist Talong Version and sharrade (Do I spell it right?). Our exchange gift do also had a twist. It’s a white elephant gift! My gift was the most liked hehe since I think 3 of them wants it. I got a flash light but being the 6th, I do have the chance to get any of 1st to 5th gifts opened. I “stole” the 4 DVDs since I love watching movies every weekend and holidays.

These activities made me become more comfortable to interact with the people I work with. It really helps to have such activities in an organization. I know this would help me to become more confident with myself which later on would become a stepping stone for me to go beyond my horizon.