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Starting today, I will try to write more often than before. Already decided to forget about Facebook. I don’t know why. I just felt moving and focusing to my site so I can make all of my experiences and thought compiled into this blog site just how twas really meant to be. Kind of tired reading someone else’s non-sense posts about their life. Although I know it might affect my connections with my close friends, I still tried to get rid of it for a more private life. Haha. And I feel like a retiree old man seeking a peaceful life. LOL.

Well, I am not saying that this is forever. I just want to you know move outside the world of Facebook for quite some time. Just like a vacation leave at work, or a summer vacation for students. I know this would help me a lot with what and where I am now. I just felt that I need concentration most especially with the situation I am currently into.

On the other hand, I already miss writing a lot for the last 2 years. I remember when I was 2nd year college, I was writing for like every other day. Sobrang sipag ko pa magsulat at mag-isip ng isusulat. Well actually there are a lot of things to say ‘coz I remember those times where every little that is happening gives me a realization of something. Then I write. I had so much time to write. So I’m gonna try repeating those times again. I know I can’t retrieve time but how the situation was at that time can always happen again.

I am also thinking of giving a new image to this site. Hmm. Next weekend, I promise to give my time to this new look. What theme should I’ll be doing? Or is it about time to go premium and get my own domain? Well, I have a week to decide. :)

So to my friends and colleagues out there, you know my email and my phone number and twitter. You may contact me at those channels. And wish me luck in this decision of mine. See you all!