They say life outside school is a complicated thing. Very uncertain. Unpredictable. And they’re right for qouting such. When you get your first job, it doesn’t mean forever. When you get it, it doesn’t mean happiness.

We know life is a choice. We choose what we do. We choose what think. And we choose what we feel, sometimes. I mean, even trying so hard to be happy with what we have wouldn’t mean moving on to where we came from. Sometimes, it only becomes a disguise to show people around that we are okay when we are not. Acceptance is really hard most especially when thoughts are becoming apparent. It breaks hearts and dreams…badly.

And later on, we’ll feel dismayed. Dismay has always been part of our present by thinking of going back in the past to go where what is not now. And asking what might suppose to happen if what was being left was the one being chosen. Although looking at the positive side, we won’t know the feeling of now if we haven’t chose to go to it from the past. This taught us to be more critical in the future when we decide.

Looking at the whole picture of the situation, we still try to believe that there is still hope in this weakening moment to survive. Trying to prove to ourselves that maybe we can still do something about it. And then we go back to how life was being defined. Choice.

Life is a choice. We choose what we think is best for us. And when we say best, it takes time to get the best offer of life. We just need to wait for the right time. It needs patience. We have to be patient. There’s always a right time for everything. We just have to wait while doing our best.

I still believe…