with my mom.

Weeks after I graduated from college, things already changed. Perhaps, it’s too early to say that but soon, things would definitely be that way. Graduation is really just a commencement to something. To something bigger than we look forward to. To something that might be unexpected to happen. But whatever it is, I know it would be part of life that is different from being a student and a teen.

Less than a month before graduation, I got my first job. And I was so thankful getting an opportunity like this. To some, it really is a struggle to find a job after graduation. I was fortunate ‘coz I don’t have to compete to get a living. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why I get the job immediately, because I know many are better than me and competing with them is like fighting the champion while I am an amateur. I never know what is out there and what future I could have. But with this, at least I’m appeased and now capable of helping my family.

There were some who told me that I should have rest for a while, like going for a vacation after struggling from school for so many years. But I chose not to. Given that luck I mentioned previously, I know I could’ve helped my family. I just realized that taking a break isn’t really a choice. If my parents didn’t stop in pursuing my schooling given that option, why would I? Why would I suppress them with a thing I am already capable of doing? I know it would be unfair to them even I know they would understand it.

When I got my first payslip, I know it would make my parents happy. And I was very happy that finally, I am able to help them financially. It feels different lang kasi that I am now the one giving them the help rather than I being sustained.

Life now is really getting far from being a student. And I am adjusting to it, even looking forward for tomorrow. So far, the pressure is much lesser than school but has much more responsibility than it was before. Well yes, I miss going to classes and attending to school activities but these were already replaced by meetings and trainings, though I know those are really irreplaceable.

My first job experience in the “real world” as they call it is so far a good one. Thanks to the company where I work at for having such a “five star” corporate environment. It’s a good start for me I believe.

Although there were times that I wanted to look for another company, this early. Hehe. Hindi ko alam but maybe I was looking for something. Ewan. If there’s one reason to stay, it would be because of the people. But if there’s one reason to leave, maybe because I wanted a different thing.

And that makes it hard for me. Sa ngayon, I really do not know what to do next. To continue where am I or to start over again?

Nevertheless, I enjoy being a working boy. And the fact that I am now helping the family is definitely an inspiration for me to do more and do better. As my boss told me, just be happy with what you have and be thankful of it. Let’s see what will happen for the next few days. I am not relying to circumstances but I know it’s the best measure to make a decision.