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Hindi pa man ako nakakagraduate, I’ve always wanted to be working already in a multinational company. Even years before, I really looked forward to it, maybe because of the urge of helping my family earn a living. And I am actually thankful right now that I was able to get a job right after my last term in college ended.

I am happy that finally makakatulong na rin ako sa family. Being the youngest, the feeling of moving out from dependency is actually something that contributes to my maturity most especially to the fact that I’ve really tried hard being independent for the longest time kahit alam kong hindi talaga because of the fact that I don’t really have any source of income to really tell myself that I am independent. But at least I tried and learns from it.

There were just realizations and some sort of memories that were flashing back to me. I saw a TV Show kasi where the character was able to get the job she dreamt of when she was a child.

When I was in my early age, I remember dreaming of the profession I am really interested working to. I dreamt of being a Civil Engineer. Pangarap ko kasi noon na ako ang gagawa ng bahay namin and the rest of the country. I’ll do the planning and the blueprint of the house to the most comfortable and efficient structure of it. Hindi ako mahilig magdrawing pero when it comes to creating house structure, hindi ako magaling pero I’m happy doing it. That is when I decided to take Civil Engineering when I get to college.

However, for some reason, I wasn’t able to be in that course. Malungkot sympre pero I have to go on with life. I have to move forward. And so when I enter Benilde, it was like rebuilding my dreams again. Kaya lang mahirap kasi hindi ko alam kung saan at paano sisimulan.

But now that graduation is coming near, honestly, I know I’ve got a dream but I don’t really know if my heart is really into it. HIndi ako sigurado. Maybe that was one of the reasons na rin why I accepted the job in Merck – I am looking for more oportunities that I would enjoy doing.

Hindi ko na naman iniisip mag-aral ulit and take the course I really wanted even before. Lalo pa ngayon na I already have a job despite lack of interest in my course. However, it became a question to me nung tinanong ako ng counselor ko during my exit interview if I don’t have any plans of pursuing the lost dream I had.

Honestly, hindi ko alam sasabihin ko. Yes I know that my heart is into it pero nasasayangan ako sa oras kung mag-aaral ako ulit to get another degree course. But It marked on my mind the ending statement he gave me. He told me ‘Tutulad ka na lang ba sa iba?”. Surely, he was pertaining to those who already bury their dreams to death, to the cemetery where the wealthiest place on earth is located.

Maybe it’s a decision to really think about. Sa ngayon, gusto ko muna magfocus sa trabaho ko. I am excited for tomorrow, being my first day. After my interview with my boss and the orientation, I think I would enjoy naman the task I am responsible at (hopefully). I hope this is a good start of my career. I hope and I pray that everything will be okay in my entire stay in Merck. And I hope and I pray that this job would open more opportunities for me to learn a lot of things and go beyond my horizon.