DVD of our system

And the moment of truth came to an end. After 3 hours of throwing questions and bugs to our system, we were able to pass. At last, we can now breathe in the most relaxing breath we could ever do throughout this term. And all the worries and nervousness we have felt will soon vanish and later on hopefully, I can fully bid good bye to student dilemmas like what we were into over the last 3 months.

I just wanna thank all the people who have helped us for the success of this project. If not them, I know we won’t be where we are now. Aside from them, gusto ko rin magpasalamat sa mga taong hindi napagod tumulong, sa mga nagsawang tumulong, sa mga nagdamot ng tulong, sa mga labag sa loob ang pagtulong, at sa mga taong handang tumulong. I’m not being sarcastic but really, we wouldn’t get the right help from some colleagues if we haven’t met the people who rejected to give us help. :)

But anyway, I am happy that finally my fear has already been put to an end. For me, this experience was one of the longest and most dramatic moments of my life. HAHA. In a serious note, I can really testify that life will make you experience your downfall for us to be better and make realizations that we can do some things we thought we can’t from the beginning.

Β Yes it may be very hard but I can honestly say that it takes determination and hard work to pass all the challenges we may face. I’ve personally been in the climax of my thesis days when I thought that it was the end of my journey as a student. Sobrang hindi ko na alam gagawin dahil hindi ko talaga alam kung paano sisimulan yung project. My group even came to a moment when we already bid goodbye to this crazy project and accepted the fact that we won’t be marching this October. And we can’t do nothing but to cry and pray that there’s still a way to go on and change our fate.

In that moment of time, there stands out who really my friends are. And I think that’s the way life wants us to make realize that. Surprisingly, the people whom you don’t expect to be helping you were the ones who whole-heartedly helped you. And those people whom you have helped before without asking anything in return were the ones who thought you are not worth helping. It made me feel sad ‘coz if that thing didn’t happen, I won’t realize that they are not worthy of the friendship I was giving to them. Pero okay na rin kasi at least I know the person in them. And at least I know I have helped them once in their life.

But if there’s two persons I’d know who really are, it would be my thesismates. For six months I spent working with them, I think it’s enough for me to know them as a person, as a friend and as a workmate. Sorry but I have to be honest that it’s really sad to know what reality brings. Yes, they may not be good in what we do but as I always tell them, it’s not just about how well you do your work and how talented you are but the attitude towards doing something matters most to me. Palagi kong sinasabing hindi ko kelangan ng magagaling na kagroup to be the best among others. Who I want to be with working are those that puts heart in every task they have to do despite lack of knowledge and skills in doing it because from there I see how willing a person wants to learn. And if you have a heart in everything you do, you would discover what more you have that God has given to you. You may discover that you are good at doing this thing or you may discover that you are not good at one thing but the bottomline is, you get to know more of yourself.

If I were to asked if I’m gonna choose working with them again, I would honestly respond that there are people who deserve more to be working with me. But when we talk about friendship, I am still a friend. I’m still here for them ‘coz I know they are a friend. In this point of my life, I realize you can’t really put together work relationship and friendship at the same time ‘coz otherwise, if worst things happen, the latter would be at stake.

I believe what I experienced was not about the thesis anymore. It’s more of appreciating what life is about. It just became the way for me to get realize so much things about it and to get to know more about myself. While some were looking forward to getting a high grade, I only asked to pass thesis because I believe it isn’t the real goal of this challenge. I am happy that I was able to learn a lot of things over the last three months. Our thesis may not be the best in their eyes, but for me, it was the best. The learning and realizations I got from it will always be here in my heart. That made it the best.