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Our thesis presentation cover page. Thanks to Google!

Tomorrow will be a judgment day for tomorrow is our thesis defense. And I can’t exactly picture out what may happen over the next 24 hours. I wanna pass and I wanna trust myself that I can do it together with my group. But looking at the output we have produced, it weakens my conviction that we will pass.

Not because I’m putting in question our capability and skills we have used for us to  finish the project, but to think that what we did wasn’t our craft and not in the line of our interest, it almost makes me feel being a part of the long line of losers. I honestly wanna make myself prepared for any result of the defense. However, I still want to believe that there is hope through all the effort I gave. I do really hope and pray that they may see the effort and the hardwork in it.

I am not confident with how our Events Management System was been created, I, being the programmer in the group although in my heart I am not. That’s one thing I realize in the course of this project. You won’t exactly fathom how well you did to something you don’t exactly know what is about. Yet, you have to do it from uncertainty and everything else must rely on fate.

Yes, fate. I must admit that I do wish for a good luck. Some of my fellow students do believe in the luck of getting a considerate and kindhearted set of panelists. And I feel like I wanna be one of them ‘coz I feel like it’s true. Passing or failing depends on who your panelists will be and what are they characters toward the students. And I wish to have very considerate ones. I didn’t aim naman for a high grade. I only want to pass and graduate on time.

My group does a lot of practices to make the presentation smooth and free from bugs. Sabi ko nga sa kanila, kung hindi tayo confident sa system, let’s give them entertainment! HAHA. We want the presentation to be the best. As a business student, I know we should present our product to the most sellable way. At sana in that way, we capture an approval from the panel because we want to pass. :)Pero kahit ganun, the pressure and stress is still here because I know it can’t possibly be a ground to pass a group with a failing thesis output.

Nilalakasan ko na nga lang loob ko e. And honestly, I’m getting some strength to the students/friends who have helped us with our project and who didn’t make it to be nominated as best thesis and to those who didn’t pass. I want them to see that their effort in helping us is worth giving and that whatever the result may be, they are part of it, and I sincerely thank them for sharing their talent and knowledge to us during the time when we don’t know what to do with our project.

Sa ngayon, I have to focus. I have to be strong for tomorrow shall not stop us from getting our diploma in the coming commencement exercise. It shall not stop me from getting the job offer I received. And it shall not stop me from getting to the way of my dream. I hope and I pray that everything will be okay.

God is with us. He has not left us throughout our lives. He has not left us from the start of this project. He will not leave is in our defense.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

– Philippians 4:13