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Click the image. Great speech from a valedictorian.

As my student life nears to end, almost everything gets even harder. I only have 4 months left before I march myself towards getting my diploma, however, it isn’t something I am sure of. I mean, my last term in school is kind of a climax I have to encounter. Like in a movie, it’s a point towards conclusion, towards getting of an answer; in my case whether to graduate or not. Therefore, it’s a suspense. And unfortunately, that suspense is turning into pressure and stress.

I only have 9 units left this school year; yet these are the most difficult ones. Pagsabayin ba naman ang thesis at OJT, who would have thought that alumni of my course actually survived that setup. Just for the sake of motivating myself, iniisip ko na lang ‘kung nakayanan nila, kaya ko rin!’. Something I am very very uncertain of. Just imagine, I have to deal with the hatest subject of my life – PROGRAMMING. As part of my academic requirement, we have to implement the system I and my groupmates proposed for a certain company. So I declare war! :)

Not because I hate it, but I don’t really understand why students of my course have to create a system we have proposed for six reasons:

  1. Our professors told us that we are not programmers yet our final academic project is all about programming.
  2. Our profesors try to differentiate Computer Applications students from Information Systems students because of misconception that these 2 courses were just the same in nature yet CA and IS have almost the same Final Academic Project.
  3. Why best thesis award solely depends on thesis 2 well in fact thesis2 focuses on the IT side ONLY given that our professors are telling us that CA is 70% Business and only 30% IT.
  4. Why is javascript a requirement to become best thesis if our professors are telling us that programming shouldn’t be hard for CA students since we are not designed to become programmer?
  5. Why some programming classes were rid off from the flowchart yet the final academic project is all about programming?
  6. Why authorship dictates the fate of the students if our professors are telling us that we are not programmers?

What I mean in this is, I know as CA students we have to understand and be knowledgaebale enough of the developmental languages used in creating these systems (software). However, should it be used to measure how far you can go as Business Analyst? I don’t wanna escape on this throught telling negative things about how the program works in school but it has always been a question to me. In all honesty, people in school look at CA similar to IS. I think it’s about time to address this issue through the dean and program chairperson. The challenge is: how to differentiate the two in the most obvious way!

On the other note, Internship is getting okay to me now compared before. Gusto ko na nga bawiin sinabi ko e from my last post. To be fair, I get to enjoy what I do in the office. Good thing I didn’t lose hope waiting for an opportunity to make use of my skills in this internship. Plus, I really like the environment in here. The bosses are cool and mababait. So far, hindi pa naman ako napapagalitan. HAHA. Kasundo ko naman yung mga ka-officemates ko. Combining these all, internship is really memorable and experience-oriented.

My last term will surely become one of the very dramatic moment of my student life. I mean, it makes me excited to think that after OJT, thesis and one last subject, after this term, makakagraduate na rin ako. But to think that being in your last term doesn’t guarantee you a victorious graduation, it kinda saddened the momentum of putting oneself to that situation. Most especially when I remember some of the best students in school flanked Thesis, it makes me more uncertain of what tomorrow may bring the future. Sobrang I can’t grasp how this term will end up to me. Kelangan ko pang dumaan sa butas ng karayom.

But of course, I won’t let fear and discouragement interfere in this. I just think of those people who would be the proudest and the happiest to see me marching in stage to get my diploma. In the first place, it’s all for them. I want them to be happy and get that hope in me. At tuwing iniisip ko ‘to, mas lalo lang akong nagiging inspired to work harder. It’s like a pill recharging one’s strength. Kahit pagod na sa OJT at hirap na makapag-isip at brainstorm sa thesis, these people and this situation give me the courage to spend another day with a bigger hope and a strong determination towards the end of my journey as a student.