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I just started with my internship last Monday even though I am not yet allowed to start getting any commitments from a company earlier than the general assembly of OJT students. First reason was that I’m kinda bored staying the whole day at home. Second, I’m pretty excited with this internship for some reason.

However, I feel like quite disappointed right now. What I got is less than the expectations I have in the company together with the job I should be working on. Parang ansakit lang kasi I was very excited to my supposed tasks and yet I’m doing what I have now. I am not Belittling what they are giving to me. It’s just that I feel like my interest in doing it is far from what I really wanna do.

I became excited in this internship because during my final interview, my boss told me that I’m doing this such thing (I don’t wanna specify it) and from that moment, it was like ‘yes! My skills fit this work!’. Given that impression, I really wanna take it seriously coz I want to make myself prepared when time comes that I have to get into the corporate. Kaya sobrang masaya ako dahil alam ko after the interview, what I will experience in this internship is something I wanna do in the next few months after my school.

This disappointment happened during my formal orientation headed by an outgoing intern. I just realize, should I be the one doing it? Like asking them ‘Do you have something more to give to me?” Tulad ng sinabi ko, hindi ko minamaliit yung trabahong binigay sa akin. It’s just that I know in myself that I can do more. And that I know that this is not the appropriate task to work on given the skills I wrote in my resume. To be honest, I’m kinda discouraged. Parang hindi ko matanggap e.

I became more worried when my high school friend told me that when she had her OJT, she cried over the same reason I have here now. But another friend told me that it’s common to companies to get interns and let them do the things what immediate help they could get from them. Yung tipong uutusan ka lang ng mga maliliit bagay o may ipapagawa sayong task na sobrang hindi related sa mga napag-aralan mo sa school.

Pero since nandito na ako, better if I just enjoy staying in here. I mean, I won’t do naman my job just for the sake of killing my time here. I would still put the dedication I have whenever I work on something. IN my life, I have already learned how to adapt to some things you don’t like doing. Basta, it happened to me several times kaya natuto na ako.

But to be fair, I honestly like the ambiance in the office. Or maybe because as I said, I’m that excited to be inside an office with my officemates and bosses. So far, mukhang mababait naman sila. I’m trying to reach out with them kasi bago lang ako and I will be staying there for about 2 months do better establish a good working relationship with them.

Maybe it’s too early to judge. Maybe I just over reacted with what is happening now. Who knows, baka I have a big project pala waiting for me which I would surely enjoy and learn from it *SIGH*. I just really really really hope so. :)