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Our dearest students. (Photo from Angel)

There are times in life that I want to move away from where I am now. Maybe because of discontent, but then it doesn’t mean of getting any more convenience in life. More often than not, it is in the simplest form of life where we find what we truly look for. That is why I am very grateful to be part of the summer of service program of the school where we were immersed in the community where people live simply yet happy and hopeful in life.

For two weeks, the immersion showed me what life is in a different dimension. This is what I actually wished for. There were blogs I posted about simplicity of life and how does it feel to be living a life like this. Yung buhay na malayo sa gulo at ingay ng mga sasakyan at tao. A life that is far from fads of the new generation. A life that is very basic. You eat, you love, and you pray. You play and you rest. You work and you earn. A life that does not worry about tomorrow and a life that cares about every single second of it. No pretentions. No reservations. A life where you can live what and who you are.

That is what I experienced in the small community of Sitio Flora. Two weeks ago, I felt myself. Sobrang sarap mabuhay nang wala kang tinatago. Yung pakiramdam na you are very much free to live where none will judge you with what they see and none will be disappointed with what they’ll know.

During my stay in the community, I never thought of what is going on in Manila. I barely missed my routine there and even the future things I need to do like company search for my internship, my counselling, my upcoming thesis 2 and all. I was just surprised and do not noticed na sobrang naag-eenjoy pala ako sa buhay na naranasan ko. I will admit hindi maganda ang bahay na tinuluyan ko, the foods are almost the same everyday, walang malambot na kama sa pagtulog, walang electric fan, walang TV but AM radio, walang internet, and no facebook and twitter but these things made me feel that life without these will not make you feel nothing. Often times, it is a way for people to really spend the borrowed time and experience the gift of life to its very real essence.

Kung minsan tinatamad tayo kumilos, sila they work hard to earn a living. They wake up 4 in the morning to do their routine. In everyday, they are very productive. Something that made me ask myself ‘Was it because they already find their purpose?’. Naalala ko me and my groupmate where talking about the carabao we rode on. Sabi ko, kawawa naman sila no sobrang hirap ng ginagawa nila. And she said, yan kasi ang purpose nila. If they will not do that, what will they do aside from it. From there I realized, buti pa ang kalabaw alam ang purpose sa buhay and so these people.

Minsan nga naiinggit na lang ako. Tama nga yung sinabi ng isang kasama ko e. Mas nagagamit nila ang buhay ng tao ng buong-buo at tama kesa sa amin. Dito sa Manila, maraming oras ang nasasayang at maraming oras pa tayong sinasayang. Sila, bawat oras mahalaga. Bawat minuto dapat magamit ng tama dahil kung hindi, sila ang kawawa. Looking at the context of it, our life is just borrowed kaya hindi natin hawak kung anong pwedeng mangyari bukas o sa mga susunod na araw. When time comes that this life will be taken away, lugi tayo kasi sila fulfilled pero tayo hindi.

Kaya sabi ko sa mga batang tinuruan namin, hold on to your dreams and make it real. And to make it happen, study hard and don’t let any obstacle hinder you. Maraming pangarap ang mga batang ito. At itong pangarap na to ang tutulong sa kanila para ibangon hindi lang ang sarili nila kung hindi pati na rin ang buong Sitio Flora.

For the two weeks I’ve stayed in that place, sobrang dami kong natutunan. A lot of memories will always be kept here in my heart. And no matter how hard life could be, they will be one of the reasons for me to continue. They are inspirations to me. Their laughters, their smile, their lifestyle, their hope, their dedication, their love and their life as a whole have already touched my heart and already placed a part in my life.