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For the second time, this blog is intended for academic requirement. My teacher again told us to make a blog about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that really is making a noise globally; an opportunity indeed to voice out students’ opinion about the said act.

I first heard about this issue when I read at the yahoonews.com about the “blackout” campaign of Wikipedia.com. It turns out that they were opposing the act for it contains contents that will absolutely affect not just the said site but other top sites that make money through internet. As such are online advertising networks, payment facilitators, search engines and internet service providers.

According to wikipedia.com, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a bill that will expand the ability of US law enforcement and copyright holders to fight  online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. It will authorize the US government to seek court order of the websites that will be accused of copyright infringement or of facilitating or tolerating infringement. For more details, visit this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOPA

Honestly, I am against to it but somehow, it has a point. I noticed over the past years how internet crimes have been a viral scenario. Many were victimize and a lot suffered; for a reason that no one  really control the world wide web. It became an opportunity for opportunists and a threat for the weak. It’s like a world with no constitution! No guiding principles, etc.

I believe the point it says there is the fact that technology ruins humanity. A lot of illicit acts circulate around the web, just to first and foremost make money. I mean, you know people, we will work hardly to have a living. One of the issues being raised by the proponents is the counterfeiting of drugs in Canada and in US. The bill aims to protect the people from misbranded drugs or simply counterfiet. In short, it is like bringing back the morale of people to their own.

I know a lot contradicts it because it would affect what we are enjoying right now. And I empathize everybody on that. Of course I would not want my “happiness” be taken away. As a student, so far it made my life easier with my researches, assignments, etc. I know this is the ultimate reason why every students are againsts to it! Making me against also with the bill!

Maybe, just an opinion, the bill contains a wider scope that innocents are affected. I mean, a lot of websites would get a bad impact of the bill leading to like having no internet at all. How is that? Going back to when we don’t have any internet at all? That’s ridiculous!!! I can’t really imagine getting all the books in the library to research about everything. (HAHA it sounds paranoia). Going back, I really think so that because of its very content such as seeking a court order to those sites having even one infringe copyrighted contents, even to the innocence of its owner. That for me isn’t acceptable. It is like concluding that those sites offer opportunity to the criminals; which no one would ever dare to do so unless he really intends to do so.

There, that is just my point. I really wanted to be so technical with this, but I ended up being emotional. HEHE. But I do really think, that it will stop criminal acts. In fact, for me it is an holistic idea to supervise the web. However, as I said, a lot will be affected even the innocent ones. Thus, I am standing with the opposing side. I believe there are still ways to stop online piracy without putting other sites and most of internet users in peril.

That is all. I hope you get my stand to this issue. I know I still have a lot to read about this. Surely, I would try to post something new about the issue when I get to really and deeply understand what it is all about.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!