Last Thursday, I went to the school’s theater for the General Assembly of students who are having Thesis this term. The GA will start at 10:30pm, but since students want to have a thesis adviser whom we think will most help us(we are the one choosing) with our final academic project, we have to be there earlier as it is on a first-come-first serve basis. I woke up at 5:30am and arrived school at 7:30am. I was expecting to be the first on the queue, coz i thought 7:30am is too early for a 10:30am opening. But to my surprise, I got the 12th spot.

I’m kinda dismayed and have a little regret that I wasn’t able to get a slot from 4 in my preferred adviser. It was taken by the first 4 group in the queue, just showed how in-demand that adviser was. HEHE. Although that happened, I have a backup adviser. I haven’t met him personally or I don’t even know the he exist in CSB hehe but students and teachers told me that he is a good choice in thesis advisiing. With this time, I got my second preferred adviser. YAY! And the GA went on.

Before I go upstairs to the theater, I visited the chapel first to you know pray for this one. I prayed na sana si Ms. Valeรฑa ang maging thesis adviser ng group ko. But I also prayed that whoever He will give to us, I know it is His will and that we have to worry nothing. That is why when I got a different adviser, I just told myself, ah this is His will.

Last Saturday, I was able to chat with Ms. Valeรฑa. And talking to her always inspire me and that give me a drive to always give the best for this. She is so motherly. You feel like being taken care of by a mother and we were like her son and daughter. Plus, she is really excellent in her profession. It’s like being her advisee will bring out the best in us.

But don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t bypassing my real adviser. It’s just that I haven’t met him yet. I was expecting to see him last Saturday too but it didn’t happen. O baka nagmamadali lang talaga ako. HAHA. But I hope he will also bring the best in us. But honestly, I’m kinda confident na magaling si Sir Joel. :)

So there, I may have failed getting my first goal this year but life goes on. And failing to get what I want won’t make me stop. Let’s get it on Thesis! We will start tomorrow and hopefully we get to be united to have synergy for a better output. I’m excited honestly! Bring out the best-thesis spirit! :))