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For a long time, I never had written any new year’s resolution not because I do not believe in it but you know, I came from a vacation therefore I am dead lazy to write it down from my journal. HEHE. I always promise before to put all my new year’s resolution ‘tomorrow’ but hell, tomorrow seemed to never end. HAHA. But not this time. I’m glad to start the new year with a lot of motivation.

Finally, I already make my new year’s resolution and my goals for this year. It’s a lot I tell you! They’re still in scratch though but later on I will buy a pocket journal where I will put these things so that I would know if I’m doing right or just messing it up. HAHA. This time I wouldn’t believe that promises are made to be broken ‘coz I promise I will really really give my best to achieve all of it!!!

I think of goals and resolution from different categories. I won’t tell you everything here. It’s a secret so that no one would counter it nor PRAY for it not to be accomplished . :DD

School. Ahh yesss! This year is my year. Graduation day is fast approaching. First goal is to graduate. I won’t tell all accessories I visioned for my graduation day. HIHI. Basta all I want is to graduate, receive my diploma, leave the school, and fly! LOL. Also, I’m a bit excited about thesis. I know it’s stressful but I also put a goal for thesis and I will really really hold on to it to make it happen. Right Jhonna Mae? :D The rest, I wanna make my remaining student life memorable and I promise to give all the best in everything.

Health. They say I’m getting big. It’s favorable to me except my baby fats. HAHA. I am not aiming for a six pack abs but at least I would want to make my waist slimmer than it is now. Before my pants is 30, now 34 just fits in. I also wanted to get taller like 5’10” to 6ft. HAHA. In what way? that I do not know. I will look for a drug to make this impossible dream possible. Aside from appearance, I wanna watch also the foods I eat. I wanna have sort of diet (not full diet haha); lessen rice, fatty foods, etc. I am aiming too for an 8-hour sleep everyday. That means, after the 9pm dismissal from class, I have to quickly go back home and sleep. HAHA just kidding. But really, I’ve been trying ever since to have a full 8-hour sleep. This time, I would try harder to do it.

Spiritual. First on the list, I wanna talk to Ate Mac, my supposedly spiritual mentor. Hindi kasi ako nagpapakita sa kanya for couples of month. HEHE. Promise before January ends, I will talk to her and go back to the Christian life I had before. :D

Attitude. LONGER PATIENCE! That’s what I look forward to. Patawad sa mga nadamay for being hot-headed. HIHI.

Before January ends, I wanna buy new phone! Kawawa na phone ko, gusto na magpahinga. HAHA. My cash on-hand aren’t enough to buy now. I’m still saving money from my monthly allowance to buy the phone I want. HIHI. Sana makabili na ako. :D

I still have a lot on the list. But I better not tell you those. It’s too personal to make it on public. And I have a super intangible goal that I would really wanted to happen to me. If I tell it here, a lot of distractions will surely come on my way. HEHE.

There, I hope this resolution and goals will guide me to spend worthily the new year that is given to me so that I would have a better life to live and a better experience to treasure. Happy New Year everyone!