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It’s already our Christmas break yet i’m still lazy to write things of what had happened to me the past few weeks or even do sensible things this holiday season. Right now, I’m bored and tired of sleeping all day long HAHA. My eyes are getting itchy because of I think too much sleeping LOL. And honestly, I don’t really intend to write now, But I forced myself to do so ‘coz I badly miss writing.

So what to write now? Hmmm. Another academic term has just ended and fortunately I did good. I got satisfactory grades enough to make mama proud of me again. Ngayon ko nga lang ipinakita sa kanya grades ko since I started college. HEHE. Christmas is approaching so I have to give her a gift that is something out from me. And I think my performace in my studies is a good one. :D

After the last day of school, I with my KB friends went to Bulacan for a get away. I miss that get away so much. That was our first over night get away. Thanks Abi and Pat for making it happen. After busy days, it’s just so relaxing to unwind and go to a place where you can rejuvenate and have fun! I also miss being with my KKB Friends. I have been MIA (missing in action) for the past couple of months. As I said before, a lot of things are happening in my college life, and I just want to focus myself into it. The thing is, I forgot that my KKB friends are still part of my college life. I’m really sorry for doing that. But then again, I thank you for having a such wonderful December get away. Sana matuloy yung Batangas. :DDD

Since tomorrow is Christmas, I already bought my gifts for my godchildren, nephews, and my family. For the first time, we’ll have exchange gift in the family. Yeehaa. :DDD Bhabez helped me to buy gifts and stuffs in Divisoria. Grabe, sobrang dami ng tao. That was my first time there… at hindi ko na uulitin. JOKE. :D

Ahh, my phone is already retiring. Last Monday, its LCD was broke into half. Though it’s still functional when it comes to touch calibration but I cannot see the entire object in the LCD therefore I couldn’t read long messages and everything that is projected in the lower portion of the LCD. So when I text, kelangan ko pa hulaan kung nasaan ang mga letters and numbers. Poor life. :D But I am already looking for a new phone. I wish I could have it before the year ends.

Bago pa man mag-Christmas, may nang badtrip na sakin. I went to a barber shop to have my hair cut. May isang bading na naggupit sakin na mukhang bago. Agh! What did you do to my hair? Pangit na nga, pinapangit pa lalo. Kainis talaga. Hindi ko makalimutan yung mukha niya. Mukha siyang lamok, seryoso! Ang sungit pa akala mo maganMda. Kainis talaga yung insektong yun! :||

Hah, anyway. Right now, I only have two plans for Christmas vacation. One is my exchange gift with a special friend :D and second… I don’t wanna tell this to anyone ‘coz it may sound KJ and not a teen thing but Bhabez already knew about it, right? Though I’m still asking for permission. If I got a go signal, I’m good to go. If not, I’m dead bored. Ahh, I really have to do something this vacation!!!

There, yes! I make myself write again. HAHA. Tomorrow will surely be an exciting Christmas day! Noche Buena, exchange gift, party, sleep, church, Roel’s BIrthday, MOA, hang-out with high school friends, etc. Yes! This is gonna be great! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!