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i just got this picture from our facebook group. Whoever owns it, pa-borrow ah? :D

I haven’t written anything here for almost a month from now. I was just so busy with academic projects and other requirements that really eat up almost all of time. If I have spare time, I just want to spend it taking a rest to ready myself for another time of neuron-burning slash cell-aging activities :D So there, enough for reasoning. I am writing this, and now I’m able to write a new blog after a month, because my teacher in web development class gave a cool final exam type; to write a blog about his class and the subject. Isn’t it cool? No reviews, no codes, no stress, no sweat. Just write!

Honestly, I really enjoyed the substance of web development class. I really wanted to have my own website. I even thought of creating one but I do not have enough idea and knowledge about handling it. When I was still using blogspot, I hardly manipulate the HTML codes of my blogsite. I entirely depend on the themes that are ready to install and use. With that, I didn’t wholly personalized my site which I am obsess with. I did try to study my own how HTML works but hell, I realized I am code-hater. So I just stick with looking for a good theme that has a touch of my self (but its hard to look for one!!!)

But at least now, I know I am KINDA capable of creating and hosting my own site because of what I have learned from this subject. I just wish I am capabale of applying most of the things I learned from my teacher most especially the JQUERY part. I really love that part and I just wish we did spend a lot of time putting JQUERY in our sites HAHAHA. For those who do not know, well I do not know the definition as well (try to google it) HAHA but it’s like putting transition effects to your website which I think what teenagers prefer to see in any websites nowadays. My favorite university site is the Alabama State University just because of the graphics, effects and how they present their school. I find it very interesting. :) Try to check it. Anyway, I hope I could do as good as that as well.

However, not all the time I enjoy listening to my teacher with the topics we have to discuss. Hello? I hate codes! I really really hate codes, except of course HTML! That’s why when we have to type this and that, I just wanna sleep. I remember I wrote in the sticky note of my desktop this: INAANTOK AKO! (im sleepy). Eh, i do really want to sleep rather than code. All about asp.net and c#, I hate it! Hi sir! :DDD

But as a Benildean, I have to take what will make me excel in my course. Even I curse programming, I still survive dealing with it. I’ve been to programming for almost 2 years and even it makes my life complicated, I’m still able to pass and somehow learn from it because in the end, it would be useful for my final academic project and consequently for my aim to gradute.

On a different note, I want to commend my teacher for always telling us that my course is not about dealing with hard core programming. Yes, he is right! because I hate programming. HEHE. Kidding aside, I believe if we will be forced to take hard core programming, then how are we gonna differentiate ourselves to IS people. What is the reason for separating CA and IS courses, then? :D The question is addressed to the chairpersons. Joke lang po. :D

So I guess this is enough. My teacher will definitely read this kasi nga di ba this our final exam? :) I just assumed he will not read this at all to make myself more honest as I write this one. But to my teacher, I really really thank you for making web development an enjoyable subject and not a burden one given the fact that I am not really into programming. And much more enjoyable for giving a final exam like this one. This is history sir! This is the first time I encounter such type of final examination. It’s so cool to have a cool subject and a cool final exam from a cool teacher. IKAW NA COOL! :DDD More power sir and keep up your good work! It’s a good start for you in the business of teaching. God bless!