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At the Smart Araneta Colliseum. Photo taken after the concert.

Today I realized, I’ve been given so many years to experience what life is about. A chance to enjoy the 19 years of excitement and happiness and to cry the 19 years of sorrow. A 19 fruitful years to shape me and become the person I am today. I am sincerely thankful to my Creator that I was able to receive the nature’s greatest miracle called life.

I woke up in the morning with a greeting and a kiss from mama and ate at isang dagan habang nakahiga ako with my nephews, and another greetings from papa and kuya. Later that morning, series of birthday songs were played around the house while my neighbors were starting to pass by the house and greet me. And yes I know that today is my special day. That even just for a day, I felt that I am a VIP (very important person).

Since I feel like VIP, I was late in my 9-am class :), though my teacher isn’t teaching yet when I came in. Some of my classmates knew about myย  birthday. Some were not. But for those who greeted me as soon as I came in, thank you so much! To those who sang in a tipsy manner, seriously I appreciate it! To those who did not care, I didn’t care as well, kidding.

I’m just kinda shy with my friends whom I can’t treat that day. Seriously, wala akong pera, kung meron man, it’s just enough for me to buy a gift for myself. :) But you know, I will try to treat you all as soon as I have enough to spend. Hihi. Thanks to Bhabez, Pat and Evan for the gifts! Kaya pala tinanong ni Jhonna Mae size ng paa ko, just realized it after I opened the gift. :) Thank you kahit lagi ko kayo inaaway. HAHAHA. If you’re gonna ask for my wish, maybe to make your patience longer than longer! :))

Together with a friend, we ate at Dencio’s Harbor Square. Salamat sa treat! I miss you na agaaaad! :)

And then, I went home to celebrate my birthday with my family and with the extended one. :) It was just a simple celebration yet memorable. I remember way back elementary and high school days, my birthdays were just as good and bad as ordinary day. We didn’t celebrate it because of you know, the usual reason. :) But I was still able to afford happiness during those days. The only difference today is the fact that the celebration is obvious and I can see that my family were the happiest of all because of my birthday. Everyone was united and everyone was very glad most especially mama whom I know is so much proud of me. To see them happy on my special day will always be the best gift I couldย  ever receive. Thanks to my family for being with me all the time! You always made me feel special despite my imperfections as a son and as a brother. Mahal na mahal na mahal ko kayo!

At night, I and my dearest friend went to Smart Araneta Collisuem to watch Maestro Ryan Cayabyab’s Sanlibot Isang Tinig ng Pasko Christmas Special. It was really a great show, and being in there is such a memorable gift for my birthday. Indeed, it’s an early Christmas gift to me. Thank you for being with me on my day, for the time you render just to be with me, for the treats, for the smile, for the laughter, for everything but more importantly for the love and care. You really made my birthday extraordinarily special. I will always treasure what we have right now. Again, thank you so much and I will always miss you!

Before I end, I wanna thank everyone who became part of my life. Your presence, greetings, prayers and wishes were very much appreciated. Your simple ways contributed to what I am feeling right now. I am blessed because of you!

My birthday might already end, but life still goes on. My 19th birthday is just a sign that I should greatly enjoy what I have right now from now on because I realized that starting today would be my remaining 365 days to enjoy my teenage life. After these days, I won’t be a teen anymore and I’m sure I will definitely miss a teenage life like this one.