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Ang Plastic Mo! Rampa para sa Kalikasan

After all, it is the happiness that matter in spite of the efforts and hardships you had. That even you almost gave up, you would just ignore what was that thinking you had but instead focus on the positive note to make sure that what you have experienced is nothing but learning.

I am overwhelmed until now that the project we all hardly worked for was a success. ‘Hardly’ because the team does not really know how to manage a fashion show. This time was only our first time to handle such project. It was a fashion show for a cause which we gave title Ang Plastic Mo! Rampa para sa Kalikasan. It showcased products like bags, women’s wear, etc which were made from non-biodegradable plastic bags. This is to encourage the Benildean community to donate used plastic bags first, to creat eco-livelihood to neighboring barangays and second, to contribute in the recycling of non-biodegradable waste materials. And with the fashion show, we hope that the purpose of it has been served.

I was very anxious few days before the event. I became excited at some times but most of the time I was terribly pessimistic. But then the entire team with the help of their  friends, made me think that nothing has to worry about. Everything was set in the right manner. In my paranoia, they were my pills. Yes. it’s stressful but it’s fun! After all the hardships, we ended up happy.

With that, I wanna thank the entire Advocacy Team for a very job well done! Kahit ini-stress niyo ako everyday, you still did your job and made these things possible. I also want to thank  the other CSA Volunteers in helping us out with everything. What you did contributed a lot to this triumph. Thank you also to the fashion design students for handling and taking care of the models. Kudos also to the models for bringing the products to the audience in a very creative and hot way. :) Thanks also to Ms. Rochelle Martin of NatSci Department for encouraging your student to attend the fashion show and for believing in the purpose of the project.  For the rest of the CSA, maraming maraming salamat po! Thanks also to the attendees and participants! :)

But of course, I would especially want to thank my teacher in Project Management Class last term. If not him, I wouldn’t know how exactly should a project be handled. All the theories and concepts I’ve learned from it was applied to this project which I think one of the factors that made this event successful. Thank you Sir O and to your Liwanag’s Law. :))

*Sigh with smile* Another project was done and I know more are waiting to come. Thank you Lord for everything! I know you are always with us in our journey of life. Keep on blessing us with your grace!

For you to see what I am talking about, below are some of the pictures of the products which are made out of plastic bags. Enjoy!