It makes an individual positive when all other people around him provide a positive ambiance. That even he thinks everything is hopeless, as long as someone believes that he can, it changes his perspective. Optimism is contagious. It really is.

A lot now is happening in my college days. In a pessimist point of view, it makes life complicated. It made one think that life would be easy if a lot of struggles in school are inexistent. It somehow makes a student feel depress and stress. Sometimes, it made us to a point where we think that everything that is going in such nothing but hopeless.

But I learned that even you think you are strong, you will still end up looking for companion. Someone who is willing to be with you at times you need help. Somebody who is willing to listen to, to advice with and to pull you up when you feel like falling. Somebody who would make an unhappy life better.

Thank goodness that those people are just around me reaching the same goal as I do. Their laughters make me setΒ  aside what has to be taken seriously so that in a short time, I relieve the stress it brought me. And from that short span of time, I made to realize that I have a support system that will not leave me alone. Their optimism towards life inspires me to be of the same.

It brings positive vibes to someone who is hopeless and discouraged. It brings back the spirit to fight in a losing battle. It’s like being trapped in boxing ring, that even you think you’re gonna lose, there are still people in the crowd cheering you up to keep on fighting. Their words of wisdom recharge your confidence for you to think that you can. I still can.

It is just so amazing how powerful anyone is. They can make the people around them be on the right track. It doesn’t matter where he cameΒ  from or who she was for as long as they both deliver something that is constructive. The power to make someone look brighter is I think one of the mightiest power of humanity. To think that even a single smile would make one stand up is a proof that motivation comes in any way from any person at any time.

So there. I just wanna show how thankful I am right now to the people around me for helping me out to push through and continue life in a very positive manner. You are all wonderful. I hope you could also inspire and influence other students. Through your simple things, it affects others with a bigger impact. Being optimistic must be a strong virus so that others could easily catch it up and be diagnosed of optimism and will never be cured!