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If there’s one thing a reality show brings to its audience, maybe it is how it reflects the life of ordinary people and how it touches the heart of them. It mirrors part of who we are through the people we see in the rolling camera. For me, it’s not just for entertainment. It has a bigger and brighter purpose. Of them all, the bottomline is, it reaches out to people to give inspiration and hope.

I am not overweight. I am not obese. But then, I felt what Biggest Loser contestants feel about themselves. They were mocked. There were lies. A lot of hoops they make them jump through. It made them feel small and worthless. They became hopeless. There were fears. They were afraid. And of the years they spent being the laughing stock of judgemental people, they were tired. So now, they fought and proved to people that in all their hardships, they will still remain the winners of their lives.

My point is, we will all be winners in the end as long as we fight for it. The show is not just for obese people because so long as you have problems in life, so long as you are challenged, and so long as you feel tired to live, you have to fight to lose whatever it is that makes your life heavy.

The journey to win this fight of life is about losing unnecessary baggages you brought up with you. We did mistakes by believing that we need things that are really not because of the pleasure it gives us. But it would have been a real mistake when we don’t learn from it. In all your addictions (gambling, illegal drugs, Dota, etc), you would realize that it’s not healthy when you feel like you are a stranger of your own world.

One thing I’ve learned from the Biggest Loser is that if we want to live longer, make it happen. We have the choice of living a fruitful life and a choice of living an earthly life. Sometimes, we are blinded of what life really is putting us to a direction that is not destined for us. Yet, we can still go back to the right road and make ourselves happy as we go along our journey. And when we get there, we would realize that it pays off losing that selfish life we had.

Every night, each episode gives inspiration to people or well at least to me. When they cry, I feel it. They all have different stories but it all pointed to the same destination; to change the life that had once mocked them. They work hard even if sometimes they seem like tired because in their heart, they believe they can. And they made it. They were successful reaching their dreams. Even if I do not know them, I am happy to see how Biggest Loser changed their lives.

In life, we just have to believe in ourselves that we can do things even if we think it is hopeless. There’s nothing impossible to people who believe. As long as we are holding onto our dreams, it will push us to do better. It drives us to go out of our comfort zone and take the risks of life. As a Japanese Entrepreneur said in her book, the easy way does not usually lead us to our goal.

I hope we learn from reality shows like this. It’s an opportunity to realize and reflect what life should be to make us happy. Even if I do not know them, I am happy to see how Biggest Loser changed their lives. I am just proud to see the result of what they once thought impossible to happen.