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Lunch meeting with SLC head, officers and volunteer faculty and student tutors.

I’ve been away from this blog for a week or so. I know I have a lot of things to say and I also knew that I have the time to work on it here. However, as much as I want to, my ‘award-winning’ laziness to write celebrates its victory over time. Corny. :) Anyway, A lot of school stuffs are up and yes, I am now pressured being in there. Though I still manage to enjoy the business.

Students Grant Office

Since I was assigned to call companies and inquire about sponsorship and perhaps get potential sponsors for the upcoming Centennial Scholars Fair, I attended few meetings with the organizers and partner offices of the event. And mind you, as a student it’s a privilege to be part of it. I called approximately 10 potential companies and hopefully most of them will lend us support. One funny thing while contacting, I dialed a number that is not actually operated for that certain company. Kahiya lang kasi binanggit ko pa yung name ng kumpanyang yun. #Fail

Center For Social Action

My beloved office has I think three projects presently in school all expected to collide in dates of execution. One is the Fashion Show which I handle. This is the first time I handle such project. I have absolutely no idea how fashion show been organized. But since, this is the best way for us to promote our advocacy to nature, I together with my team took the risk. Well, it’s exciting but currently the pressure is slowly arising. It seems that I would be meeting again the spotlight experience. Anyhow, I believe in the team and to what we can do to successfully promote our advocacy.

Second, the Human Rights photo and poet-writing contest, exhibit and mini-film festival are also coming our way. We have to promote the entire project the soonest possible time. And that time bumps our promotion of the Fashion Show for the Invisible Project. It’s kinda hard to work on two things at the same time. Most especially if you have to present both projects on Monday for consultation. Saya. #WalangTulugan

The third one is the Volt-in project. This time, I’m just doing minimal task. Thank Goodness! The Volt-in project is a collaborative project of CSA and student organizations to encourage and gather volunteers for over 50 partner NGO’s of the school through forums, contest, etc. It’s a very innovative project which I think promotes more the volunteerism in our school contributing to the identity of a Benildean through being socially responsible. I hope this project becomes a success and that it creates significant awareness to Benildean community to take stand and do necessary actions.

Student Learning Center

I am very glad to see that the place where I usually spare my time in school and saw that this tutorial center tutored only few students, is now a crowded one. Well, It’s a good news for me to see a lot of students stay and discuss academic matters. It shows a significant change to the center. And I am much more happy that I am part of the team that worked for it to happen.

Information Technology Department – Student Assistant

After months of training, finally I was promoted. I was very overwhelmed to hear this good news just minutes ago. I am touched that they appreciate all the efforts I did. As the new secretary (effective November 1) of ITD-SA, I would do more and give more for the department I am working at and for myself to strengthen my management skills. I wish all will be fine. Thank you to all the people involved. I wouldn’t disappoint your expectations.


I am so much inspired to work harder today and everyday. Despite of all non-academic tasks I have to do, I still enjoy learning my business and major subjects. To be honest, the reason why I became more motivated is the forthcoming of my graduation day (a year to go). It’s just that I always remember what my teacher told us before… that the very thing a student would want to do after graduation is to go back to school. In that span of year, I want to make the most out of my college days. I wouldn’t be college anymore, I always tell myself. I want to spend every single day memorable in this school as if tomorrow is my graduation day so that when the right time comes, I wouldn’t regret.

I am thankful that all these things are happening. Not all students were given this chance, and not all do not choose to be here. It’s not easy in all honesty but I am thankful that I was given this chance to fulfill whatever purpose I may be. I’ve been learning from these, and I’ve been trained in doing these. But most of all, I enjoy living a student life like this.