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The week has ended again in a very productive manner. Thanks be to God for making my college life more and more interesting, memorable and worthy. It’s tough but seeing the results of what you are striving about is definitely exceptional. It honestly makes me grow much and as everything goes on, I am deeply realizing my role and purpose.

Last Wednesday was the very first activity of the Advocacy Team of Center for Social Action as we commemorate Martial Law. We had a ribbon-cutting and a photo exhibit which showcased different scenes of what had happened during the dictatorship of the late President Marcos. This project was in collaboration with Task Force Detainees of the Philippines or TFDP, a non-government organization that supports and help political prisoners.

We invited students from Political Governance classes of School of Multidisciplinary Studies. I wanna thank them for giving time to watch the simple program we prepared. sadly, although there were students who watched us it’s still a few compare to the number of students we had in my college. I don’t wanna say this but it is apathy that I usually think of as the reason why. The commemoration of Martial Law may look corny to modern teenagers now but we commemorate because we have one reason. That is to let this gruesome history never happen again. Let us learn from our mistake. And be reminded that we can forgive without forgetting as for the purpose of learning.

On that same day after the event, I went to Students Grant Office to help Ms. MC in contacting potential sponsors for our 11-11-11 event. It’s hard to look for one. Like for example one company kept on transferring me to different phone lines until I get disconnected. I probably had contacted 10 companies but I only get one. Tough job yet I enjoyed it a lot. Next week would probably be another exciting ‘call-center-agent’ experience!

I forgot when this thing happened but I also talked with the Chairperson of Math Department regarding the Student Learning Center plans. I was surprised that she wanted to go with us during our room-to-room promotion. I know she cares a lot with my fellow Benildeans. I can see her sincerity to help. A lot were failing and since we know that we can help them, we were trying our best to reach out with them. If they will not speak out their need, we will speak out what we can do to provide what they need. SLC will soon be known as the center which offers the best help for my fellow benildeans.

Inspite of all these things, I still gladly managed to review my lessons. My first quizzes were good. I believe I am doing just right in my classes. I’m not sacrificing academics with my interests. You know, it is still my priority. And like other students I want to pass and graduate on time despite how hard the subject will be. And as to myself, I want to make my college days a memorable student life!

P.S: Right now, I’m not feeling well. Maybe that was the reason why I can’t think of a title for this post. Tamad na mag-isip utak ko. Although I do not want, I have to lay in bed and take a long rest. I wish today is enough. Happy weekends!