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The first week of second trimester has gone by and that first 6 days seem like a very long week. I was just starting to relieve my hangover from vacation but then this is life. I have to stop the pleasure of resting all day to a pleasure of learning. Good thing, I prepared myself for this and sort of in the mood to start the trimester in a good vibe.

Well, as I tweeted last term, all I wish for this term was to have very good teachers. And God granted me that wish for giving me cool, witty, smart and passionate professors. Well at least the 5 of them. Because the other one still has to prove it to me. LOL.

Why? Well, I was so surprised that my hatest teacher last term is still my teacher in one of my subjects. Fate must have been playing over me. Honestly, I told myself that if ever he still became my teacher, I will transfer to a new section. But then, my friend told me that I cannot do that. Kaya nga raw hindi ipinapakita ang names ng mga teacher during enrollment ay para hindi mamimili based on the teachers. Surprise daw! Kaya here I am very much surprised!

Funny thing is, most of my classmates on that subject enjoyed having him as our teacher. Kesyo sure pass, kesyo mabait, kesyo nang-eexempt sa finals, kesyo petiks. But you know, we were sent to school to learn and not for the grades they give to us. Yes its true that I got a fair grade in his subject last term but did I learn from the subject? Sadly, I can barely make an income statement and balance sheet.

Fine. Let’s get over about it. That’s already part of my past. On a positive side, I was just believing that he is again my teacher to prove to himself and to me as well that he already changed. That he care about learning more than grade. That students like him because of his dedication to work, etc. So far, I am kinda impress that now he is using powerpoint presentations for our discussions. For improvement, I just wish you read it first before you come to class. HAHA. Good job sir! Keep it up!

On the other note, we already started our first Advocacy activity which will be on Wednesday September 21 as the Philippines commemorate Martial Law. We will have photo exhibit and mini-film festival of Human Rights documentaries and films. Also, we’ll have a photo contest also tackling violations of Human Rights. So far so good. I love working with my teammates! A lot more is waiting for the Advocacy Team. Cheers!

The student Learning Center (SLC) is also preparing this term to achieve our target number of tutees for Math Subjects. I was surprised that a lot of my fellow Benildeans failed in their Math subjects. So this must be a calling that we have to intensify our role us tutors. Last week, I just lead the group to our planning which includes room-to-room promotion of the center so that students became aware of the service we are offering to them. Thanks to my fellow officers for giving time and effort to help the center and our fellow Benildeans.

Right now, I am thankful that all these things are happening.ย  It’s kinda hard but you know, seeing that you are helping the community in your own way vanishes the negative vibes that are starting to form. Simple and little things are yet meaningful because as they say, we cannot do great things but little with great love.

I am definitely looking forward to a new meaningful academic term, a new chapter with great learning!

Quotation for the day:

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James