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Ms. Weena Meily on her talk about the Catholic Social Teaching

I know it’s kinda late to tell here my workshop experience with Advocacy Team of CSA last term break. Well, even before I enjoyed my short vacation, class has already started. And I was actually planning to write something about it after I get back my full energy. But as you noticed and as I said, classes already broke my break and my “recharging moment”. So instead of waiting for the right time to write about the workshop, I just forced my fingers to type whatever comes in.

The out-of-town workshop was the first to have in Advocacy team which as being a member for more than a year, insisted this teambuilding-slash-planning-slash-workshop of the whole team. Fortunately, our director approved this proposal and there happened the most awaited workshop we all waited for.

As expected, the workshop gave us a clearer view of what role do we have as advocacy members. It showed us who we are as advocate of human rights and environment. It taught us how to plan the Lasallian way and how to campaign the advocacy we are pushing through. Primarily, it deepens our understanding of what the team is about and why we are existing.

Good thing on the flow of the discussion was that it presented little by little why there’s advocacy on a bigger picture until it touches ourselves so as to determine our purpose as members of it. I believe, we have achieved that goal; to put ourselves on a situation where we became the change we want to see. I remember in one of the discussions, the Catholic Social Teaching has been in the world several centuries ago and yet we still have the same problem as before several centuries ago. I realized, there must be a problem with the people. And as I go along, I believe it’s a calling to students like me to start the change we all want to see.

In any simple way, I know members of the Advocacy Team will be part of this change. And as students, I believe we can make a difference to our community. Through hollistic activities, we hope we can engage our fellow students to take part on this change. Hopefully, we can make our activities guided with the Lasallian Guiding Principles and with the Catholic Social Teaching which for me shows how a human person must act and be valued.

From left are tine, cam, me, vera, bina, mitch, camz, and sir leo

On the non-serious side, the workshop also served as the bonding time for the whole team together with the coordinators of CSA, who were our speakers for all the topics discussed. Even the discussion were like a bonding scenario because of the jolly and funny coordinators we have. They all made us laugh. Aside from serious talks, they also taught us how to DOUGIE! :DD We also went to the beach and relax and had fun! The breeze was definitely unwinding and the sunset was so perfectly romantic hehe. Anyway, I will definitely miss the beach! :DDD

I pray that this workshop became a stepping stone for us to take the initiative and move away from apathy. I pray that this workshop bonded us to a stronger and passionate team. I also pray that we can make a well-defined, hollistic, and sustainable activities for our school. Godbless CSA! Godbless Advocacy Team!