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Shamcey Supsup

Currently here at my first class with my fellow CF1A blockmates with Katie beside me. And currently I do not have anything to do since my teacher wants us to relax for now knowing we all still have our hang overs from our break. Cool teacher I got here! But since, I feel like kinda tired of doing CSA and SLC works and my marketing assignment for the Junior Digital Marketer Program, I’ll just write my congratulation piece to Shamcey! :DDD

Well, placing 3rd out of the 89 contestants is already an achievement. As a Filipino, who wouldn’t be proud of her? It’s a 2-in-a-row win for Phillipines, taking 4th in the last year’s pageant and now 3rd. Who would know the next year’s Pinay contestant for Miss Universe would land 2nd until it got the first spot and finally the long-wait title! I got a good logic here!!! :D No, I’m just being positive! WVR.

Kidding aside, Filipinos should be proud of Shamcey more during the question and answer portion where only the Phillipines answered the question in English, without translators. ACHIEVEMENT NGA! :DD But you know, it only shows how well we are in the language, sana pala english-an na lang yung labanan HAHAHA.

But Shamcey really is stunning. When you saw her walk the stage, it’s so graceful. Maria Clara talaga yung dating! Pinay na pinay!!! She just compete with other women in a Filipino way that is why I think she reached that far. She carry the nation more than her name! That would be the reason why Philippines is celebrating its victory, it’s another day for the Philippines!

Enough. Medyo tamad na ako. HAHA. Again, Congrats Shamcey! Congrats Philippines!