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Finally, the term is over. I already gotten my grades and looks like everything is well-deserved. First, I wanna thank my teachers for making my grade, and second for teaching me new learnings that surely will help me and will I apply in my future career. The last term was another blast! It turned my world up side down.

I only have three things to say…

First, I believe I brought back the much dedication I have for my schooling. Modesty aside, I got higher grades compare to my previous terms. I read books, I reviewed my lessons, I slept late at nights, I gave all the effort I could give for my projects or in short I became a nerd-like student who aside from good grades, wants to learn and understand my lessons as to prepare myself for my future endeavors. Truly, I learn a lot from this term. I will definitely miss the two of my favorite subjects last term, Quantitative Techniques and Project Management. Not taking advantage of the other subjects, I gave all my best to these two because aside from giving me a lot of information, concepts and its practical applications, I enjoyed by heart learning from them. And I know over the next terms, I can immediately apply what I digested from them. As a result, I got super duper high grades! :))

Second, I learn how to balance my extra-curricular and academics. From being busy with my academic requirements, I was also full with my student org assignments. As being the newly elected/assigned President of Student Learning Center (SLC), I am task to revitalized the dying image and losing purpose of SLC. Now, we are starting from scratch. But so far, everything is going okay. We already have plans for the next term. And hopefully on the first few weeks of the second term, we could execute it little by little and step by step.

And last, I wanna congratulate myself for achieving my goal for this term: to be professionally competent. Before the term started, I told myself to be professional in all the ways it could possibly happen. From wearing the proper business attire (although I don’t have tie cus of the weather, only during reporting) to dealing with people and works, I believe I have carefully managed myself (I really really hope so). I learned that it could give a person a positive vibes throughout the day most especially when you feel like other people get satisfied with how you show up yourself to the world. With that, I gained much more friends! And I get to know my batchmates and my coursemates. On the other hand, I learn how to be more patient in dealing with employees. I even smile at them whenever I buy food or other stuffs to their store. I understand that in order for them to give you a good service, you do also give them a good ambiance. I know it’s their job and responsibility, but looking at a bigger picture, you’ll see that it doesn’t matter who do the first move or not, it’s the relationship you may establish that count.

So there, right now, I am just thankful and grateful for what I received and for what learning, both academically and not, I gained. We only have 4-day break but as I can see, I am not having my vacation anymore. Later today, I will be going to Bataan for planning and teambuilding of Advocacy Team of center for Social Action (CSA) (where I finished my report just before I wrote this post) and from Saturday onwards, I will be busy helping Student Grant Office (SGO) with the upcoming Scholars Fair this November. And on the 12th will be the start of another term. I wish myself all the best! Kudos!

P.S. It’s already 3am, time to prepare. Departure time is 5 o’clock. I haven’t had a sleep. I’ll just try to take a nap at the coaster (although I can’t sleep and never been slept in any vehicle while moving). ‘Til here! :)