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I thought everyone already forgotten and moved on with the issue between Spotlight and Ignite. Only after a conversation with a friend I found out that it’s still there and it seems like the competition will keep on widening the gap between us.

I personally am not happy with it. First, because some of the organizers of Ignite are my friends, second, I am just starting to build a good friendship with other Spotlight members and third, I just want to respect both. I know it all  started from misunderstanding and definitely from the pressure both groups felt during the promotion of each event. I believe, both were just doing their jobs. It’s just that, in real life, we cannot avoid diversity creating a negative perception over others. In business, as what we somehow did, an entity does not exist to monopolize. There were competitors arising to sell or deliver the same service as yours, and that is normal. Therefore we, as business students, must act professionally to deal with it. Let us not focus on the idea that competitors are arising because they want to step us down. We should also consider that there are people who would want to earn profit from their business and that delivering the same product or service is inevitable. Try to put yourself to their shoe and you’ll know what I wanted everyone to realize. Your need is their need therefore their way to satisfy their need would probably be the same as yours. It is just a matter of how creative you’ll be to differentiate yourself from them.

I am telling this to all students involved not to clear my name because in the very first place, my conscience is just. I just want to clear issues still arising between us. But one thing that I want to emphasize is that, we, from Spotlight, never competed with you like you are our mortal enemy. We only mean business. TRABAHO LANG! (By the way, I just want to let you know that this blog is open to any opinion you may want to express or things that you want to clear. One thing before you do that is to please calm down. There is peace in calmness!)

The Spotlight event consists of 3 projects; student Choice Award for teachers and students and Concert for a cause. We came up with this idea  because that is how we differentiate our event from ANY OTHER CONCERTS; that is part of our promotional strategy. We did not choose concert because you chose concert. I just want to tell anyone that from the very start of the class (that is May 23), we already preparing our project. And from a lot of REVISIONS, we came up with this one. None of you exactly know how we struggled to make this event approved by our stakeholders. With that, we just want you to respect our event because we worked hard to conceptualized it. Hindi namin kayo pinersonal by having the same event. I know you chose concert because that’s what you think students will go for. Like you, naisip rin namin yun kasi estudyante rin kami and we know what we want as you know what you want.

The date of our event is UNINTENTIONALLY picked with respect to the day of your event. The initial plan was to include Spotlight in Benilde week, August 11 to be exact. We proposed this to Department of Student Life (DSL) but sadly they disapproved the project. Our teacher thought us, before the decision of DSL came out, to do back up plan. Good thing, we already did it, August 2 or 4 as the other date WITHOUT KNOWING WHEN EXACTLY WOULD YOUR PROJECT BE HELD. We decided to go for August 4th only because of a simple reason. August 2 is Tuesday in which SMIT students are required to be in smart casual. We thought that it would be hassle to students to attend a concert while in smart casual attire that is why we moved to 4th of August. To be honest, we are unaware of your project. We just realized things when everything are set forth. Kayo ba let me ask you, Bakit August 5 yung napili niyo? :D

We do not issue posters and other print ads because you started posting yours all over the campus. Like you, it undergone processes. It just so happen that the time you were able to start promoting your event was also the time we are scheduled to promote our event. Before June ended, we already have our task list which was delayed for 2 weeks due to disapproval from DSL and other matters. Which means, everything we did were in a written plan. We just followed the plan we made as how you followed yours. Kung nagkabanggaan man yung mga schedule natin, I believe none of us should be blamed. Like you, we just want to implement the project on the day we plan to execute it. (Sisihin ang project plan! :DDD)

On the issue of ticket pricing, we didn’t lower down our ticket price to directly and personally compete with you. As I said, we only mean business. Ikaw ba kung nakikita mong kaunti lang ang bumibili ng product mo, wala kang gagawin? Of course not, that is the worst thing a businessman  would opt to do. As business students, we just want to respond to the alarming demand of the event. Lowering the price was, we thought, the best thing we could do to let students go to our event. It’s hard on our part to decide on with it because it only means we have to promote intensively, and with triple effort, our event to the community. Like you, we were also pressured on the fast approaching days. If you think lowering the price of our ticket bothered your ticket sales, that is normal. As I said, BUSINESS competition is like that. Hindi maiiwasan at hindi rin mapipigilan.

If you think we existed to let your project down, have you realized that we might also think that you exists to let our project down? It wasn’t only you that was affected. Even us were bothered of the competition arising between our events. Just like you, we are pressured of your existence the same way as you were when you learned our event. Pero wala naman kaming masamang sinabi sa inyo, right? My point here is, we are just sharing the same pressure, stress and problems with regards to our events. If you can’t sleep at night thinking what would be the result of your project, we also experienced it. Kung hindi kayo natutulog para sa event niyo, kami rin. As said, we only encounter the same responsibility and commitment with our events.

I hope everyone already understood our part. We didn’t mean to hit you and I know you also didn’t mean to hit us. But one thing we should do is to RESPECT each other. No one wanted this to happen. We are just students complying with our academic requirements. NOthing is personal in this business. Like you, we just want to make our event successful! If you think we do mistake towards you, try to think of yourself first. Sometimes, we tend to overlook other’s condition because our own emotions bursted out to dominate our opinion, which sadly mislead us from the real situation.

Lastly before I end, I would also want to clear that this write up has nothing against you. I just want to first, clear the issue between us and the event and second, to learn from it. Like what John Powell said,

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.

Congratulations to the organizing team of Spotlight and Ignite for the success of both event! Keep up the good work! Thank you and Godbless!