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I was stressed and tired because of Spotlight. Took a nap during class.

After the Spotlight project, I am now slowly going back to my ordinary life. But since all the FUSE project are not yet done(Family Feud and Fuse Fair), I still have to do like little contribution for the remaining section with respect to what help did they gave us during our event and even for the entire planning of the project.

Last Monday was the start of the two remaining event. I just assigned people to help out in security and ushering. The first day was great. I was hearing good feedback from students and from faculty members.Kudos to the organizers! Such a good start for you! Keep on rockin and rollin! :D

Right after the event, I rushed down to Student Learning Center for two things; One is to sign the CSB Life/Ordev form of frosh students who weren’t able to give it to us during the Spotlight fever (LOL) and second for a meeting. Thank God only few went to see me and sign their forms. I got a chance to take a 15-minute break and prepare myself for the meeting.

The meeting started at exactly 3:00pm. At the meeting, we were setting goals for the Student Learning Center (SLC) as where students can get help with regards to academic concerns. To be honest, only a few knows what SLC is about. So now, as the president of it, my biggest challenge for now is how to create awareness to students and how to build up the image of it. So far, we are visualizing what we want to be seen over the next months and hopefully we establish what and how we want to be known for.

The next day (which was yesterday) was a very busy day again. I attended my class very late like few minutes to go before it ends. After which got a message from my teacher to do a report of our project due before 6pm. Out of pressure, I have forgotten that I have scheduled meeting with my groupmates in IT Infra when I texted my project matesย  to meet and do the report. But since the Spotlight report is more important, I just left my IT infra classmates in doing the project. Shyly, I just want to apologize for a messy schedule I got here. Surely, the next time I will make it organize and well-prepared.

Before the day ends, another problem was arising after Spotlight has been successfully done. And it is no joke. It involves powerful people. Hay, I really don’t understand why this is happening.ย  Please help us to pray for a favorable answer.

I hope everything will soon go well. Thanks to those who are helping us a lot. And thanks to the One right above for giving me a lot of strength and courage to do what has to be done. THE BEST KA! Goodnight. I don’t wanna be late in my appointments later. Godbless!

(Such a great day to end when the last person you talked with was the one you want to talk with for the rest of your days LOL) :DDD