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SPOTLIGHT: Be on the Limelight!

“God gave me courage to do what is right even if I think it is hopeless”. I got this passage when I was about to meet my waterloo of the Spotlight project. And after the day I read it, everything else changes. From hopelessness, I was lighted up to a greater encouragement, dedication and inspiration. I know what had happened was just a challenge for me to become stronger and learn what has to be learned. And I should tell, all the things that I encounter with my COD classmates were all worth it. The event was exceptional! It really is unforgettable and something you will always be proud of.

A lot of problems occurred during the night. All the plan we made was a mess. But because of flexibility and creativeness of the organizing team, the event ended up a victorious one. The stress, problems, pressure, and anxiety turned out as smile, hugs, and a lot of “rocking” way to express cheerfulness and bliss. All of our sacrifices for two months were all paid off through this 4-hour festivity.ย  At last, the vision we just imagined once, is now a reality.

I wanna thank Sir O for all the support you gave contributing to the success of this event. You’re the man sir! Thank you for the advices and coaches you shared with me. This subject absolutely makes ordinary student crazy. I wonder how you manage not to get insane. HAHA. Keep on inspiring young people sir. You just don’t know how good it is to be your student.

Thanks also to Carlo, Yani, and Fort for all of the effort, creative ideas, patience, understanding, and definitely friendship you shared throughout this project. This wouldn’t be victorious without you. I know your sacrifices for the sake of our event and I want to thank you gazillion times for that. We are not amateurs now. We are already certified project managers! (except Carlo, who has been a project manager since birth! LOL) Thanks also to Grace, Nicole, Calvin, RT, Bien, and the rest of COA and COB. Two thumbs up to all of you! :)

To Tine, Edison, Valle, Kingly, and JP, thank you for leading our committees. All of you are really the best! My apologies for being demanding sometimes. I hope you understand my point. :D I already know your imperfections, but what you have shown me is enough for you to be confident with yourself while working with others. The 5 of you have the guts to lead a team. Such a wonderful experience working with all of you!

And to the rest of INFORM1 COD, thank you for your cooperation! But first, thank you for accepting me as your leader even we are not friends before. I definitely enjoy working with all of you. To be honest, I didn’t have a hard time managing you all. SIPAG niyo e! :D And I can see that you really care for the project. If you notice I wasn’t so strict with all of you, that is because I value more the working relationship I could establish with you. I believe if I could establish that camaraderie, everything else will follow. And that’s what I saw on the implementation phase of our project, making it the reason why I easily manage the class. With that I wanna thank you because I achieved my personal KRA (Key Result Area), that is to establish a good working relationship and friendship with all of you. Unlike before, I know over the next few days, we will see each other in the corridor greeting each one. (dati dedma lang e). At least now, we are somehow confident approaching one another. (I wonder when would be my next project with you. Hehe.)

I just have one thing to leave to all of you who have been part of this project. Let’s continue what we have started. What we learned from this project is/are really helpful for our next project or for our future career. Let’s not waste the time we spent working so hard for the success of this event. And as we continue,ย  let’s share it with whoever needs it. That would be the greatest thing we could do after all the sacrifices we made.

Above all, He is the reason why we are celebrating right now. Before I end, Let’s keep our faith on fire. Just like what I did, I trusted my claim that He gave me a lot of encouragement even if I wasn’t feeling it right and trusted Him to do what is right even if I think it is hopeless. Lesson is, trust Him with all our heart! He will not forsake us!

Thanks gazillion times to everyone who became part of SPOTLIGHT!!!