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After the class suspension yesterday, here we are now, rushing ourselves to meet all the things needed for tomorrow’s event. I can see the excitement from everyone’s face. This is the time we all waited for. And now that it is there, we are all cramming, nervous and anxious of it. At last, after 2 months of sacrifices, stressful days, depressing moments and happy minutes, we will now see the result of the 4-hour event we all hardly prepared.

Filipinos are really last minute buyers. Few hours ago, a lot of students were buying tickets for our event and I was the one managing the booth during that time therefore I was the one who was so much stressed in dealing with students. Good thing is, my fellow Benildeans are good to deal with. They understand when we run out of tickets or we can’t afford to change their bills. Thanks for smiles and patience you gave to us. :D

After which, we held the general meeting to discuss implementation plan where I was late because I totally enjoy selling tickets far more than dealing with ‘mature’ fellows. I do not know if it was planned or not, but I just learned that there would have meeting few hours before 1pm. During the meeting, there were misunderstanding on the plan. And I feel like I was the one to blame as the cause of it. However, I didn’t mean it. I just think that is the best way to manage well the class which for them is not. Fortunately, everything went well. I just hope everyone understand the plan so that all are aware of what the event should go like.

At 3pm, I talked to invited teachers to come on the event like begging to death. Some will come, some are not sure. But I am still happy seeing them appreciates our event where we include their presence. I believe it’s about time to have a night where it will cater both students and teachers. And that is what Spotlight all about. We want to see the biggest harmony of School of Management and Information Technology community.

Since I woke up so early in the morning, I got dump too early to. But one thing that made me somehow energetic again is when I saw our trophies for the teachers. We got great design from Jelo. And a good supplier/producer from Recto Manila. I want I to give it to the teachers on stage. I’m so proud of the trophies! :DD I just hope most of the teachers will come to the event! (Please include it in your prayers).

To be honest, I really do not know if I am excited, the same way others do, or not. I’m kinda frustrated of what I been seeing with the people whom I am working with. I do not know if there’s something wrong with them or there is just something wrong with me. I tried to understand as much as I could but I always turned out frustrated. Now, I just want to forget everything. I want to enjoy the event and see the result of how my efforts and INFORM1 COD efforts and other sections efforts will turn out.

I know He will guide us throughout the day. Please give us a good weather condition, a good mood, a good working relationship, a good camaraderie, a good execution of plan, a good communication management, a good risk/back-up plan, a peaceful event and a harmonious night.

Please do pray for the success of our event. Thank you all. May God bless us and the rest of you! :)