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The event day is already fast approaching and everyone (I suppose) are already pressured now. We do as much emergency meetings as we can as to manage problems existing few days left before the event. Currently, what we are challenged now is the unpredictable weather condition.

Early in the morning, there was no sign of a stormy condition. I even didn’t bring my umbrella considering the climate I just seen outside my window though I know there’s a low pressure area forming inside the Philippines Area of Responsibility (there were 2 actually). At 8pm, there came the rain, and the storm and the downpouring of a larger amount of rain making the Taft Avenue in front of my school started to sink under the flood and the rest of Metro Manila including all the streets to get home. And as of now, bad weather is still up there.

So now, since our event will be held on an open ground, we might better consider moving on to the back-up venue. Thanks to logistics team for an immediate response to this problem! I am just waiting for a consensual decision of other leaders. As what my first plan was, I really wanted my event to be in theater. Anyway, this is if bad weather is continuously obvious. However, and hopefully this will not be the case (knock on wood), what if due to typhoon, the classes were all suspended? Goodluck but we are all dead!

On the other hand, foods for the guests and attendees were not yet final. We can’t think of a food that suits the concert and given the limited budget for it. If we can just have sponsor for it, hindi na sana problema yun. But since none wants to, we are “forced” to cater our own food. I wish we could have good foods just to please attendees that their money is worth spending for (para lang talaga sa food haha).

My invitation cards to teachers were already printed. Thanks to Rose and Chelsea for spending time and ‘fearlessly’ visiting Recto Manila for the printing of it. Got a good design for it plus a good paper smell. We’ll just have to distribute it later today and hopefully most of them, if not all, support and attend the event. Please please please. I’m praying for a positive response from them!

And lastly before my day ended yesterday, we got a good news from Mr. Henry Sy. SM will be one of our sponsors! Good job from the marketing team! I just don’t know how much will they give us. But whatever the amount will be, it’s a big help for our project. Thank you so much SM!

So there, losing hope shouldn’t have a place in anyone’s heart. You just have to believe in yourself that you can. I’m partly fulfilled now that after all the struggles we encountered, we are standing still waiting for 2 days to end before our biggest event. Yes I am anxious now but more excited to see our efforts worth. Wish us luck! :)