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Three days are left before the results night of what made my academic term hell-like yet exciting one. I’m kinda anxious of what will happen on Thursday. I just wish everything would be fine and that it would give me an unforgettable positive memories in my college life. I hope we could meet our real objectives other than getting a significant profit. I may not be ready yet to look after the event but I must accept that days are passing so fast and that it will not wait for me to get ready for it.

For now, I just wanna know how am I after experiencing all the posible emotions one could feel, either positive or not, in dealing with a first-time-big-time project of a young student like me.

Truly, the Spotlight project (Consists of student’s choice award for teachers and students and a concert for a cause) is a frustrating yet fulfilling one. If you really are the leader of any project, you would know what I mean. If there is someone who could feel this way, that would be those who gave their effort, time, and even life to their responsiblities. I really wanted to see my investments a good one, and hopefully on thursday it proves me that I’m right.

After the depressing rejection of this project, we still pursue it but with a lower scope and a more manageable stakeholders. Only then when we go on to the next step. At the time when we were organizing the booth for the voting and selling of tickets, I was so excited that at last we were able to execute what before was just our vision. For a moment, I became proud of myself and I believe my classmates too that we already put into reality what we just seen as hopeless proposal.

After which, all I thought was everything would then be fine. However, a more challenging problems came out. The ticket sales weren’t making a good record, irresponsible people (I believe from other sections) were already starting to shown up, selfishness is becoming obvious, credits are going into someone else’s name, decisions were slowly talked about, and my patience is already reaching it’s line. I just realized that it all rooted from a very hierarchial structure of our organization. It absolutely affected what I really wanted my project to look like. Most of my ideas and my classmates’ ideas were left unnoticed because of so many minds ‘competing’ with each other making the project somewhat different with the planned one. I just don’t know if it helps to make it better or it just pull down the ideal one.

But what’s important is I am learning from this project. I get to know more how different people work and how to deal with them even if some are a**hole. I realized too that at some point, being a busy person somewhat changes my attitude most often when a lot of problems are coming my way. I also became sensitive with other people’s comment thinking that insulting the project is insulting myself. And my patience is getting shorter whenever I hear from other sections impliedly that my section isn’t doing our part. Yet, I am still the person I am. If someone saw me changed, that was just for a very short time because at the end of every day, I still go back to where I all started and realizes that I wouldn’t be me todayย  if I wasn’t been myself yesterday.

On the other hand, this project makes me excited of the next project I would be handling in the future. Even if the result may become successful or not, it trained me to become a project manager. From an amateur event organizer, I believe I’m coming out to be an experienced one. Now, I know by heart how important all the concepts I have learned from this course. Honestly, I’m kinda confident to hold another projects that would be assigned to me. This is definitely an excellent, worth- investing and memorable training to a student who from being just an ordinary one became well-informed project manager.

I wish the project all the best! :)