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Me together with HRonlinePH editorial board, advisers and fellow bloggers

I never really expected myself to go beyond what I thought will not happen in my blogging career. My blogging life was really meant for personal matters only. I just wanna write all the things that are happening in my life. Unexpectedly and in God’s will, a top blogging site in Philippines happened to invite me in the forming of network of bloggers. And I feel so privileged and honored that a new young blogger like me was given this chance to be part of their network.

HRonlinePH, a Human Rights Portal, was making a network of bloggers to contribute write ups, blogs, opinions, etc. for the promotion of Human Rights and to also create awareness to every readers. I believe we were all called because we have a duty to do. What all happened during the gathering has a purpose that should start from us. Like what the Lasallian prayer says, “let us start the change we want to see, the change that begins in me.”

I am aware of the imperfections of the government we have. Sometimes, their aim to make our country better violates some of the rights we have as human beings. And no one couldn’t stop them unless a collective force is created. There is power in words and I know this is what HRonlinePH wants us to start, to use our talent in writing to promote human rights.

I got a chance to meet different people from different sectors, from different organizations (one thing I always wanted to do in life). What’s common with everyone is their keenness to fight for their rights and to help other people to know and fight for their human rights. I can see their love and concern to our countrymen and that is very contagious ‘coz I think I’m starting to be like one of them. I mean, my knowledge about human rights advocacies is not that so deep until they thought me through that gathering the things which I have never been heard of while in school and while at home. Their passion is a viral that when you talk to them, you’ll realize that you are made for more than what you are right now. I realized, if I can write ordinary things, why should’nt I try to make my write ups more sensible?

I hope the network we have formed will contribute a lot to people and to Philippines. I may not be as good writer as others but I will always give my best in all issues that significantly need opinions and stand points. In such way, I know I am helping this society to find means for betterment. Like what my friend has been telling me for several times, there were only two kinds of people in the society, one who contributes to the solution of the problems of the society and one who contributes to the problem of the society. If you do not know where to stand, then you are taking part to the problem of the society.

I am wishing that a lot more teens will know their human rights through taking part to the solution of the society. If you think you’re rights have been violated, tolerance is not the answer because it could only lead to redundancy of violations againsts you. As teens starting to appreciate and defend our human rights, we are not alone. There were a lot who are behind us to support and help us. They were just waiting for us to move and start the change we want to see.

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.

Sydney Smith