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Experience is really way better than the things you just know of and are stored in your brain. I heard the term stakeholder for a lot of times already (since I am in the business path) and I thought I already understood what does it really mean to me only until this sudden test of the big challenge I am currently into.

After we have finished the planning phase of this project, we have to make sure that all of the stakeholders approved the execution of the project. So as soon as we have finished the papers, we submitted it to the Department of Student Life, one of the biggest stakeholders of our event. And as said on my previous blog post, they disapproved the project. Therefore, we have to make adjustments so that we could still continue this project.

My teacher suggested to lower down the scope of the project (which I think is the best solution we could do). Instead of involving the whole Benildean community, why not focus the project to all School of Management and Information Technology (SMIT) teachers. So in this case, our biggest stakeholder now would be the dean (our cool dean). However, before I presented to him our project, I presented it first to all the six (6) chairpersons under SMIT, one-by-one and one-on-one presentation. Good news was all the chairpersons approved our project. Bad news was the dean who happens to be our biggest stakeholder impliedly disapproved the project though he showed us that he likes the idea of it.

He made suggestions which we followed since we have to get a go signal from him. So for the second time, I as representative of the class, presented to him the new set of awards. And glory to God because at last we can now execute all the plans written on our “tough luck” papers.

That is what stakeholder all about. Rather than you affect them, it happens to be opposite. I was the one who was very affected with their decisions. It made our project delayed for how many weeks. It gave me a lot of stress. And it made me depressed for how many days. If you cannot satisfy them, you have no other options but to really satisfy them by making some adjustments that are of their desires otherwise you are dead. Aside from project risks, stakeholders should always be one of the top priorities you consider because you are basing the life of your project to them. Their decisions could either be your green light or black dress.

Stakeholders are really important factor in any thing you are planned to do, in our case our project. If you can speak to the language they are using, do it. If you do not know how, learn and do it. Most of the time, you have to impress them with your skills and abilities most especially if it’s not for your age. I mean, like in my case, we were talking of Key Results Area (KRA) and Key Perfomance Indicator (KPI) which in reality is the language of top administrators and executives of our school. If they see that you are competent, more often than not, you could get their “sweetest” yes.

So there, as a student, I learned that you could always have the best plan, the best project, and the best proposal. However, if those doesn’t meet the standards and requirements of your stakeholders, those are all useless, worthless because your stakeholders will always be the one to determine if you are getting on the right track.