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I was in my accounting class then when I realized that I want to become a teacher. It just came out from my mind after I asked for so many times again myself to shift from my course. Maybe I would be better if I am a teacher and I thought I would be better than my accounting teacher.

Aside from my career struggle, my teacher on that subject really triggered my mind to think this way. I would be frank, he is the worst teacher I’ve ever met. He comes to class not prepared with his lessons and examples. He checks attendance irregularly and inaccurately. He teaches for 30 to 45 minutes out of the 90 minutes given to him. He teaches lessons in a hard way that we can’t easily catch up on. He always dismisses the class early. He tolerates cheating on class or maybe he does not reinforce well the anti-cheating policy. He plays angry birds on class with a loud speaker. And the worst, he looks at us like we are morons.

If you are a student, will you be motivated to study your lessons well with this kind of teacher? Will you give time for his subject even if you know your effort is so worthless because he praises you the way he praises your “petiks” classmates or he judges you the way he degrades your classmates? I believe as a person, we have to know and feel that our efforts, our dedication and ourselves as a whole is appreciated. If not, we sometimes feel like we are nothing but worthless. Maybe why I wrote this was because I feel like my motivation was already fading since he was doing nothing to make his students inspire to strive for the best on his subject. Besides, he shows evidences that he is not a right person to be interacted by and with the students. To be honest, he don’t deserve to be called a teacher. He is one of those who disgraces the noblest profession on earth.

And so I told myself that if I were a teacher I won’t do what he is doing. Sometimes, it’s not all the fault of the student why he is not learning. In my opinion and own experience, a teacher who happens to be part of his daily life contributed to that fault. It’s hard for a student to study if he is downgraded. Minsan, hindi naman nakakatulong na sabihan yung isang estudyante ng kung anong masakit na salita e. We are bothered if we are told of something negative. Minsan pa, lumiliit din yung tingin namin sa mga sarili namin. If we take it positively, better. However, not all the time we are positive towards life. Dinadamdam din namin yung mga masasakit na salitang naririnig namin. When we get home, hindi niyo lang alam how worried we were dahil sa mga salitang yun. Tao rin naman kami. And for our age, we need someone that will teach us self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth.

As a teacher, you should know that your profession requires more than teaching us your lessons. I believe you have a part in shaping us to become a better person. As they say, you are our second parent. And as parents, you should hold on to the fact that we are your children and that you should feed us the love we need from a parent.

I’m saying all this not just because I pity myself but also because I pity all the students who are experiencing what am I talking about. It’s hard for us to learn if you will not teach us with heart. As said, teacher is the noblest profession on earth and I commend you on that. But more than the name associated to your profession, you should know and act how to be seen as noble to your students and make us feel that your sacrifices are worth it.

Hindi ba masarap sa pakiramdam to see your student became a better person and you will suddenly tell yourself that you are part of molding him to become a better person? It’s like you saved one life from the cliff of failure. What more if you can save a lot of students for all the years you have given to this profession. If I were on that position, I would feel fulfilled. I would feel that I was part of the inspiration he has to become what he is now. Hindi man niya ako makilala na, I would believe that I was part of his changing. I would be one of the first people to be happy if I see my students living in a better and comfortable life as a result of their hard work.

My teacher in high school told us once that students do come and go. Sabi niya, as we graduate makakalimutan na rin namin sila. Siguro, totoo yun. But one thing for sure is hinding-hindi namin makakalimutan yung mga itinuro ninyo sa amin. Mga itinuro niyo na wala sa syllabus, wala sa curriculum, wala sa lesson plan. Your hard work, passion and dedication are enough for us to learn what life is all about through the inspiration you giveΒ  to us. We may not remember your names, but we can still remember the values you have taught us. All these already marked on our hearts. And as we live on to that, we are like facing our lives with you.

Being a teacher is not about the money, it’s not about the amount of money stated on your payslips. More than that, it is how you give yourself a space to every heart of every students. And how you give your heart a space for your students. I hope all the teachers know what their job is all about because the truth is, they are our model. They are the ones we look up with. And hopefully, they are the once that will tell us, “Never give up. Remember all the things I have taught you. I want you to become a better a person and I want you to succeed in life. When you get there, start doing the same. Start changing lives of people if not through this profession at least whole-heartedly share with them what I have taught you to become what you are now.”