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Yesterday was the performance night of the Grand Finals of Pilipinas Got Talent. I told myself that for this time, I will take a break from my stressful project to watch in focus the last performances of the talented contestants of PGT. I didn’t really expected myself to write something about it. However, their talent made me proud to be Filipino. And maybe that was the reason why out of nowhere, I wrote this review.

Let’s start.

Freestylers. During semi-finals, my bet to be in the finals are the contenders of this group. They were good but I liked more the two others. However since last night, they told me and the whole world that they deserve to be the next PGT champion. And yes they really deserve the crown. Their stunts were very death-defying. From the start ’til the end of their performance, kinikilabutan ako. That was 10x of what I’ve seen from them since the last time they performed. PAra silang lumilipad. And I liked what one of the members told Araneta, ‘hindi nila kayang gawin yun, pinilit lang nila ang mga sarili nila na gawin yun.’ That’s what you called FEARLESS!

DJP Trio. What’s good with these three kids is their beautiful faces. They always smile even while singing. I can see from them that they were enjoying what they were doing. They really don’t have powerful voices to amaze everyone but their charm definitely appealed to the crowd. Their red outfit made them like princesses. They were really cute.

Happy Feet. Honestly, there was nothing special with their performance. I just did not like the act alone. But I was touched when they hugged each other at the start of their performance. That moment attacked the emotional side of the audience making us watched their every step as they do tap dancing. How I wish I also have a brother who is close with me just like how their relationship is with each other. :)

John Michael Narag. One of the things I have noticed in him was his improved voice quality. It’s kinda like Martin Nievera when he was 18 years old. His performance really came from the heart. He sang very well as how professionals do. But what’s fascinating was his not-that-beautiful eyes. I do not know but there’s something with his eyes that connects with the people watching him. Hmmm..

B4. The choice of songs were okay. They dance coordinately. But their act was like an act appropriate for Showtime. Parang hindi nga nagustuhan ni AiAi yung performance e by just telling them that they have good cool costume. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy their performance but they should differentiate themselves to other dancers. I believe other dancers like g-force and XV Gensan can do the same of what they’ve shown or even better.

Rico the Magician. Mang Rico really never failed me to enjoy his performance. It even go beyond what I expected from him. His performance was but standing ovation. Everyone was so surprised nung lumutang yung asawa niya. But it’s not only his magic that made everyone watching enjoy his act, but also his groovy dancing moves. Ang tigas ng katawan pero hindi nakakainis. His dance didn’t bore the audience. Pero nabitin ako. He only showed three tricks compared to his other performances na marami. Anyhow, he still has the guts to be the champion!

Madrigal Siblings. I liked how they sang the medley country songs of the Philippines. Their voices were really like that of international singers. It’s really world-class. When you hear their voices singing countrysongs, it awakened heroism and nationalism to individuals. Like what Kris said, this kind of talent makes us to be proud Filipino.

Marcelito Pomoy. From audition until grand finals, I am really amazed with his talent. It’s very unique. It’s rare to see a straight guy with a perfect voice of a songbird. Pwedeng ipantapat kay Regine Velasquez. He surprisingly sang The prayer using girl and guy voice quality. And he did capture the attention of all. At every end of the line, everyone was yelling. He is definitely phenomenal! Parang gusto ko siyang panuorin palagi! I want him to win. He is the only one who made everyone astoundingly entertained!!! I will just repeat, he is PHENOMENAL!!!

Filogram. After Marcelito’s performance was Filogram. Sadly, the impact Marcelito made wasn’t met by what Filogram did. Everyone was still like thnking of the last performance while they were on stage. I would say they were good, but there’s nothing really special to their act.

Buildex Pagales. They say he is the Bruno Mars of Philippines. Well, sort of. Maybe because, he has a charm similar to Bruno Mars. He is not good-looking but girls were all screaming for him. That made him star. His rendition of The Lazy Song wasn’t that amazing but it appealed to the audience because of his charm and humility.

NielBeth. Their performance made the people ‘get loud’. They were one of the finalists that I do really look forward because I was very amazed with their performance during semi-finals. I liked how the girl changed her costume. Cute ng pakulo. Plus nakakatawa yung square na bibig nung lalaki. ANG LAKIII! Anyway, I would agree with Kris; they are PERFECTION!

Jem Cubil. He is the only finalist who from VTR alone, girls were all yelling out his name and even more when he was already on stage. I didn’t know what song did he sang. He do really have a voice of a heartthrob though it still neeeds improvement. He is definitely the boy-next-door. I know after PGT, maraming offers sa kanya considering his humility and dedication when it comes to entertainment.

Skeights. They were just like the typical band of today’s generation. Their performance wasn’t really for PGT. But I should say they were the balancer of the pressure and tension in Araneta. The voice of the lead singer is very soothing. I know if they only sang another The Script song, pwede silang ipantapat sa mga international bands. They could really be the band next to Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, etc.

Angel Calalas. Her performance was absolutely hot. She really balance so well. Pero parang kinulang ako. I liked her semi-finals performance more than the last night’s. I was expecting a spectacular act. If my expectation with Rico go beyond, hers was underdelivered. Kulang. Bitin.

So there. That’s what make us Filipino. Different genre of talents. Different flavors to offer. But I wish everyone will choose the best, the spectacular, the amazing, the unique, the phenomenal, and the showstopper talent! :)

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