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I always tell myself before that this is not the course I am in love with. It’s not what I want and had never been wanted. But since I’m already here, why not try falling in love with it. And that what it did when one of my most admired prof came in to my class to discuss something very relevant to me.

He was the current Chairperson of Computer Appications program. Definitely, the purpose of it was to give us a lot motivation to continue what CA students had been achieved ever since. In fact, it really gave me motivation to do better. That was a short yet ’emotional’ moment. Emotional in my part because, it showed me how should I stand as a graduate of this course. It gave me direction. Or simply, it gave me an answer to my hanged question.

First, I wanna thank my school for giving me a curriculum that is very efficient to all IT students. On the discussion, the chairperson showed us a recent article telling that most IT graduates lack business skills. I was just surprised that this problem which was just raised last March has already been learned by the CSB people almost 20 years ago and thus, made a solution for it about 20 years ago.

That’s what good in my course, and well to other courses they offer. It seems to provide two courses in one degree program like in my case, IT and Business. But what I liked most about his talk was the fact that my course focuses more on the business side. Honestly, I am not good in computer. And I’d never seen myself dealing with codes and programming languages. I feel relieved that I will not only be a programmer soon but a business guy with kinda little knowledge about IT Industry. Good to hear that I didn’t fall to a cliff of programming, it was only a dream, maybe just to make me realize that I was not in the wrong path.

What’s more exciting is the fact that CA graduates are one of the most sought after graduates of big employers, according to Center for Learning and Performance Assessment (CLPA). To be frank, the name Computer Applications for me is a superficial name to be a 4-year course. Parang MS Office lang ang pwedeng pag-aralan. BUt when you go deep, you’ll see it’s not about that, it offers beyond anyone else’s expectations.

Sabi nga ng prof ko, maybe that was one of the reasons why DLSU-Manila started to become bitter towards Benildean. CA students achieved way bigger than their counter course (Computer Science). But that was just a theory. No one really knew why there is still a gap between the two schools.

I’m just sharing this because I know just like me, there were CA students who do not love where they were. NOw I know why I was acting hopeless before. It’s just that I do not know what exactly is waiting for me after I graduate as CA student. Maybe if I have learned about this since first year, I aimed much than before. However, I am still thankful that I was given a chance to hear those things. I know it wasn’t too late. And I hope my fellow CA students will also absorb what was really the purpose of that talk. So now, what I only want is to significantly contribute to the vision of the program and of the school.

I hope freshman students will also be given this kind of opportunity so that as early as now, they know what path they are currently taking in. Thus, giving them a better view of how will they be 3 years from now. Thus, making them motivated, dedicated and passionate towards their college days.

I am wishing all Computer Applications students to do best. See you everyone in the industry! :)

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

                           – Ralph Waldo Emerson