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The Archer Mascot

I feel so previleged to be part of the Centennial celebration of De La Salle University here in the country. I was just so happy being part of the batch who witnessed this once in a lifetime event of La Salle family. I really had a great day last night!

The day before the event, I was really excited. I know there would be a lot of activities inside the campus and I was pretty much eager to see how La Salle rejoices celebration. Gabi pa lang, iniisip ko na kung anong mangyayari. It just all came out from my mind. Again, I said to myself, this will just happen once. And I should be there! :D

From morning til afternoon, I helped Center for Social Action in selling merchandises like polo shirts, ballers, larnyards, etc. I actually cancelled interviews, meetings and all tasks I need to do for that day just to be on the booth and sell. My focus was on the centennial. I don’t wanna looked like being anti-social where while everyone is in festive, I was doing school stuffs. Keeyjeey! (break muna in other words! :D )

Optic View (org for photography students) also set-up a photobooth for die-hard fan of lights, camera, and out-of-the-earth poses! SO yun lang! Yung dalawa lang na yan ang makikita mo sa CSB. I thought there would be booths from different org since, as far as I know, that was the plan. So it must be epic fail. Anyhow, the new  MFC building of CSB was blessed and there all the offices offer fooooods! Pero hindi ako kumain. Sa sobrang init, mas gusto ko pang maligo sa ulan kesa kumain! Afterwhich, there’s a mass administered by Center for Lasallian Ministry. Pero hindi rin ako pumunta. Nagkulong lang ako sa bagong blessed na building habang kaunti pa ang tao together with some friends. The School of HRIM provided foods to everyone. So it was like a big formal gathering with waiters coming your way. Pero hindi rin ako kumain kasi nga mas gusto ko pa talaga maglublob sa tubig sa sobrang init!

At 5, we all went in DLSU to see the bazaar and buy centennial shirts. Before, I see La Salle as a huge in space university. But since last night, naliitan na ako sa kanya. Sobrang siksikan! Sa sobrang dami ng taong nakagreen, para kang malulula sa mga makikita mo! Before you can see everything around the campus, buwis-buhay ka muna sa pakikipagsiksikan. :D

BUt it’s all worth it. So what, if you put yourself in a long queue of people if you can have your desired centennial shirt? E ano naman kung pagpawisan ka kung pag-uwi mo ng bahay aircon naman? E ano naman kung matuyuan ka ng laway kung paguwi mo ulit ng bahay, tutunggain mo rin ang water dispenser niyo? As I said, this will just happen once. So why not make the most out of it. June 16, 2011  will never come again, but doing your stuffs can always be done repeatedly in your life.

S0 there. Below are some of the pictures we got during the event. I had so much fun! It makes me excited to deliver the same festive during Benilde  Week! :D

At the entrance gate. The event was opened to everyone.

While roaming around, we saw a familiar face, Miguel of Pinoy Dream Academy. I then remember his ex-girl who is currently a student of CSB. Wala lang bigla ko lang naalala :D

That was the booth of Centennial Bazaar where I bought my shirt. Haba ng pila pero okay lang. HIndi naman bored coz there’s a Big TV screen beside showing what’s happening in the Yuchengco grounds (?)

The Archer Mascot. Hindi ko alam kung anong tawag sa ginagawa nila. T’was like a play na palaging may pause. So during pause time, we took the chance to take picture with the cast. But, the mascot is angry when someone is taking a picture with him. Pero joke lang yun! :D

Me, Sam and another Archer Mascot. Wag ka, dancer yan! :D

Candid shot of the yellow M & M. Sarap kainin! But look at the eyes, she seems like dizzy. Napagod yan! hehe

The First La Salle students. They were praying with the rosary. At the background wearing brown camouflage are Japanese troops.

Ang kawawang sundalo. Napaglaruan ng mga kasama ko! HAHAHA

At the concert area. As far as I remember, Mark Abaya was the one performing when I took this shot. Sobrang dami ng tao dito. Pero sobrang saya! :D


The text on the background says “The future begins here.” So there, as Lasallian, we should be the change we want to see. The change that begins in me!

St. JOhn Baptist de La Salle, pray for us!

St. Benilde Romancon, pray for us!

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!