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In every decisions we make, it is not the end that matters most but how we get there. A lot of the things we learn in life are always because of how we absorbed the journey we walked through because at the end of every journey, either you succeeded or not, it is how we used what we got that affects our future, perspectives in life and our own character and personality.

I always put this into mind whenever I make decisions because in every options I decided on, I take into consideration the lessons it could give me throughout the process. They say experience is the best teacher so as early as now, I wanna make myself ready for realities outside school. I wanna learn either from accuracy or mistake.

But who would want failure? When I decided on to take the responsibilities of being the overall leader in my Project Management class, I thought of it not just a challenge but an opportunity, a real big opportunity. I am aware that this is tough because from this very moment, it is telling me and the rest of the team to strive hard and harder. I know this is not the same as before; the typical school project of students. It considers stakeholders. It involves numbers of working mates. It employs grands of money. As my teacher told us, this is not something we should be relaxing and staring at. This is a challenge to an 18-year-old student like me yet an opportunity that allows me to go beyond my current limit and explore what else I could give.

I would admit that it is riskier in my part to take this responsibility. For the record, this would be my very first big project and as for the very first time, I want to turn it out as a happy memory. Yes, I do not have any experience of leading a big team. I do not know some operational procedures in school. I have no idea of sponsorships, etc. What I only have is courage and God. They say if you love what you are doing, chances are you’ll make the best out of it. I will not accept my nomination as a leader if I I’m no interest to it. What more now that a lot is trusting me to lead the team. To be honest, this is kinda a dream come true to me. I want a position like this when I get job. So now, this is a training to be better.

The question now is, is it enough to be courageous to succeed? For me, your courage will make you not stagnant. Courage means you’re taking the risks. And those who usually take risks are the ones who succeeds. Because, going back to what I said before, either they succeeded or not, they learn their lessons. In actuality, there are two options people could choose from the result of every decision, it’s either you live into your failure or learn from both ends.

I may not be as good as other students or as good as what others think of me, but what makes me take risks is simply because I want to learn. I want to learn from my mistakes and I want to learn how to improve. School is my training ground. If I commit mistakes, that would be fine because for me, school is the perfect place to make mistakes and to correct it. Though, I would try hard to make no or minimal mistakes because I want this project to be the very first succesful students’ award-giving body of my college.

Above all, divine intervention is the most important. He answers prayer while teaching you to learn from it. He is definitely our best teacher, our best adviser, our best mentor, and our best father. If everything else in your way goes wrong, He is the right path. He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Just trust in Him with all your heart and everything else will follow.

As of the moment, we are in the planning stage. I am thankful because my team is coordinating with me despite the fact that I do not befriend with them before. This is an opportunity to build relationship with each of them. I am just happy that I was given a chance to work with them. So yes, I wish everything will be okay. I’m praying this event to be successful and meet its vision and objectives. May God bless us and guide us with this project and may everyone learn a lot from this! Break-a-leg!

The measure of success is about how much you have learned and not the end of what you have started.