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“If I fail this subject, it is because…” During my orientation day in one of my subjects, there is this phrase that the students have to complete by filling out obviously their reason if ever they fail the subject. On the first time I read it, it impacted to me negatively. Parang may mali. parang may hindi tama.

I’ve been meeting students who unfortunately failed to comply on the requirements of particular classes and have been making other businesses which affects their performances in class. In simple term, they fail the subject. So the tendency is for them to ask reconsideration to their professors like giving bonuses, special projects or by merely fabricating the grades.

I know this isn’t easy to teachers. As much as they don’t want to fail students, grades are still based on how a student performs and behaves in class. Students are the ones making their grades not the teachers. Thus, if one fails, you areย  responsible to it and not anyone else.

However, some teachers do really reconsider giving chances to failing students. But there are still who don’t, like my professor who asked us to complete the phrase above. With that, I know she wants to hear (read) from our own mouth the reasons why students fail from her subject. At least, meron siyang pwedeng ipakitang reason kung bakit kami bumagsak sa kanya. On that basis, she do not need to reconsider and fabricate our grades.

I didn’t play safe for not answering that item the way my professor expects. I know when someone gives his reason/s, he started giving himself a chance to fail and gave failing a place in his mind. Which means from the very start, you are giving yourself two possible outcomes– to pass and to fail. And for me that attitude leads students like me to lessen the probability of passing by giving probability of failing. Parang sa buhay ng isang taong naghihingalo, 50-50. You are at the center because you do not know if you will survive or not. In school, You position yourself at the center (50-50). With that, you can either go beyond 50 or below 50 which for me is riskier.

If you think you will pass, start giving yourself a chance to pass by starting at the highest possible grade you can get. Then, work hard for it not to decrease drastically or not to decrease at all. Being positive with yourself gives you positive outlook. And from being optimistic comes your hard work to achieve goal. It will drive you to do the best you can. Throughout the process, you will learn from it. Just take things positively.

I completed the phrase differently, as I said. Instead of giving out reasons of failing, I wrote this with conviction:

I will not FAIL this subject!!!