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“I wasn’t expecting to win this election because I already consider myself a winner.” The election result was posted last week after days of delay because of some unresolved issues between the competing party and of the ineffectiveness of School’s Commission on Election. Honestly, I wasn’t excited to see the result, different from other running candidates, not because I didn’t care about it but I would say it’s the least priority I considered that time (because of academic matters and concerns)

As much as I want to become the duly elected VP Externals of my school’s student council, I maybe failed to prove myself to the student body though I am not blaming anyone for losing this ‘fight’. I know I have given enough of myself to them. It’s just that maybe it isn’t enough for them. I don’t wanna please anyone nor prove anyone that I am deserving. All I know is that I can do something for this institution.

I don’t wanna pretend okay pero ayaw ko rin namang sabihang hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. As many times I told everyone that I’m okay, mas lalo ko lang niloloko sarili ko. But, it’s a gear to make myself free from pity and prejudices. Oo, mahirap matalo hindi dahil sa kahihiyan kundi dahil alam mong may gusto kang magawa para sa kapwa mo at alam mong with student council, you are privileged to do it so. Considering the fact that you wanted to have change in the so-called ‘government’ of students, it’s a feeling of somebody or something has hindered you to be the start of this change. At some point I became mean to myself. Ano nga ba kasi ang nagagawa ng taong nakakuha 1024 votes na hindi kayang gawin ng taong nakakuha ng 1020 votes lang. But I then realized, numbers are just numbers and I should not feel insecure of this. Genuine leadership has never been quantified and will never be quantifiable.

When I learned the result from friends, I actually didn’t absorb anything. I mean, parang wala lang. But only then when I realized, I missed this big opportunity that somehow was already close at hand. Nakakapanghinayang pero I have to stand on the fact that someone got a higher votes than I do. Hindi ko kinaiinisan yung kalaban ko because he is a good of friend of mine. The thing here is, it is not about the person whom you compete with but the position that, if only given the chance to take over, could give me opportunity to give service/s to my fellow students. More than my gains, it is the passion that told me to run. Now, it is the passion that speaks to continue and never hold back.

Katulad nga ng sinasabi ng mga kaibigan at mga taong sumusuporta sakin, there are many ways to lend your hands. Siguro nga hindi para sakin ang politics at ang student council. I don’t wanna limit myself to this election. Ika nga, if there’s a will there’s a way. A lot of opportunities are just around. I just have to pick the best. Maybe this is His sign that I should concentrate more on things where I could really give big portion of myself because that is when and where I become the real person I am.


PS: I wanna thank all those who voted me and the political party I belong. Even I didn’t win the election, I assure you your votes aren’t wasted. It gave me confidence that I am trusted. Now, it is living in me. Again thank you so much.