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In PICC Pleanary Hall

I was ‘kinda’ thankful to be part of the 6th Conference of Aspiring Marketing Professional (CAMP). Why kinda? Well, that is the purpose of my blog for this time. Let me evaluate the event. I don’t wanna detail the infos I got coz I do not want this blogpost to be boring like the previous one. HEHEHE.

Hmm. Well, the event was very informative and entertaining as a whole. Each talk actually gave us different things to keep in mind. In general, it provided us some kind of a preview of marketing in our future businesses and careers. They have pointed out, though not in detail, the use of music, mobile, and social media in marketing products (because of time constraint).

we were there at exactly 12:00noon expecting to get a seat in front and we got a good one, however they made us bored because the event started at 2pm which supposedly start at 1pm. And since they started late, the event also ended late by almost two hours. At hindi lang yan. From the time the conference started, we have no food until it ended. Imagine, we were starving for almost 8 hours all because of their fault. Tapos ang makukuha mong food zesto and Goldilucks? At ito pa, they were giving out kits for everyone which contain masculine wash. Well, sakin walang problema, how about the girls? E Mas marami pa ngang babaeng nandun kesa sa mga lalaki e. Imba talaga!


The event was opened by the Dance Romancon of College of Saint Benilde with their hot swimming-demo dances. Everyone, well at most the girls and gays, enjoyed  watching the “machete guy” in swim wear who fronted the production. It was followed by the first speaker who talked about the economy of the Philippines as of this time.

I would definitely agree with the lively shifting of talks, intermission numbers and rafle draws, at first. Pero sana hindi na lang nila ininvite yung Music Uplate ni Yeng Constantino para magtape ng episode niya during the conference. I would honestly say nag-enjoy ako kahit papaano coz I thought intermission number lang yun. But, it seemed like the conference which supposedly talking about  marketing for most of the time turned out to be a shooting site of Music Uplate. It took almost 45 minutes of our time. O kaya sana, after na lang yun ng event para hindi napalitan yung interest ng mga tao. To tell you the truth, the crowd turned down to half after that ‘intermission number’. So kawawa naman tuloy yung dalawang speakers na nahuli. Hindi masyadong naramdaman yung sinabi nila kasi halos lahat e uwing-uwi na.

If I would rate the event, baka makakuha sakin yun ng mababang grade o pasawang-awa lang in terms of production! Fail talaga yung strategy. Buti na lang two of the speakers really impacted to me when they both talked about social entrepreneurship.

They were Joana Gilladoga of Human Nature and Noreen Bautista of EcoIngenuity (the maker of Jacinto and Lirio). Of all the speakers, sa kanilang dalawa talaga ako saludo. I can see the passion in their career. They really wanted to have a far more better society than this. While Ms. Gilladoga was talking about the giving off of 100% profit they get from Citrunela Bug Sprays to  the Citrunella community in Bicol, I really wanted to stand up and gave her and the company a big hand. It is rare to see businesses like that. On the other hand, I salute Noreen for coming up with a very innovative products which came from Water hyacint. I wanna be like her actually. I want to market a very innovative products too. And the thing here is, hindi naman nalalayo ang edad niya sa edad ko kaya I was really inspired na maging passionate social entrepreneur din and I just need the guts to make it happen, quoted from her.

Naalala ko tuloy yung sinabi niya na sana sa ilang libong estudyanteng umattend ng event merong kahit isang tao lang yung nainspire niya. If I could only talk to her in person, I would definitely say ‘You got me’! And I would definitely tell her that I was totally inspired by her enthusiasm. And honestly, I wanted to join their group, if not make my own. This must be another turning point of my perspective in life. Great!

For me, keeping in mind what these two people have shared with us defined what that event was all about! :)