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I thought this day would only be another ordinary day for me since I don’t have any girl to bring a date. And maybe a full of enviness day seeing couples holding hands while girls are gifted of flowers from gentlemen while boys are gifted of sweet kisses from their girlfriends. Pero akala ko lang yun, though the second one really brought me a heavy feeling. LOL

Hindi man ako busy looking for a date, busy naman ako with regards to my student life. I woke up early 6am, despite of the sleeping pill I consumed the night before, to make on the project which we have to “sell” for free greeting cards using playmoneys and earn highest profit. Unfortunately, my groupmates didn’t came on time so they really wasted my time! I was kinda absurd that moment and keep on tweeting bad words that I now felt guilty of.

Buti na lang we have bible study at 10am so instead of waiting for them, I just attended it together with my brothers and sisters. At ang sarap sa pakiramdam i-celebrate ang hearts day with HIM. At a moment, nawala yung feeling of anger towards my groupmates who happens to be my close friends. I opened up with many sharings dahil medyo nagstop ako meeting with them during the start of the term. A few of confessions and a lot of personal goings of my life. After which, we ate lunch later at 1pm. Kaya lang I have a “secret” meeting with “secret” people kaya kelangan ko silang iwan agad.

The “secret” meeting was fantastic. Naging desidido talaga ako sa decision ko after meeting them though dumadating pa rin sa puntong tinatanong ko sarili ko kung dapat ko pa nga ba iyong gawin. I wanna say sorry kasi hindi ko pa siya pwedeng sabihin dito until I have formally filed my _________. I’ll post another blog here kung ano itong “secret” na pinagkakaabalahan ko.

At 2:30pm, the meeting adjourned so I have to go to my groupmates to continue selling greeting cards. Kaya lang, they were kinda cold to me. Hindi man nila sabihin nararamdaman ko yun ‘coz I feel it too towards them. I asked them to talk it over but they impliedly refuse it. As far as I know, wala akong maling nagawa sa kanila. I just practiced professionalism which they obviously lack. I wanna explain my side to them while I wanna hear their sides. Even they are not willing, I will still insist it ‘coz true friends are open with each other. Ayaw kong nagkakasiraan kami deep inside while being so nice outside!

I came in 10-min late in my first class because of selling the cards though my prof haven’t checked yet the attendance, so medyo maswerte ako kanina. Even I was feeling tired that time, I still tried relieving my retention in class para maintindihan ko yung ilang araw ko nang pinag-aaralan na database normalization. But at the end of the class, I was still confused!

I directed immediately to the Registrar’s office to ask for certification but they want me to accomplish first the requirements from Office of Student Behavior and Department of Student Life. Kaya lang medyo napagalitan pa ako nung kalbong professional kuno e samantalang pwede namang idaan sa professional approach ang mga pagkakamali ng isang estudyanteng tulad ko. Alam ko namang lahat nagkakamali pero hindi lahat dapat laging galit sa mga taong nagkakamali. Nainis lang ako the way he approached me as if ako yung tipo ng taong puro kabalastugan at kalokohan ang ginagawa sa school. Sana naman ipinakita niya sakin na he is a good example of a person who also came and learn from mistakes kasi magdadaan din naman ako dun and surely matututunan ko rin yung mga bagay na natutunan niya before nang hindi nagsusungit at basta nilang itatapon yung papel ko sa table as if itinapon ko sa table niya yung papel the moment I gave it to him.

Dahil badtrip ako, umalis na lang ako para gumawa ng iba pang dapat gawin. I went to photo center to make a recopy of my passport photo. A guy edited it like I was a vampire with white face and bloody red lips or worse, looked like a guy in coffin (knock on wood). Feeling ko wala na akong gagawin. Bad thing is, I have pending online quiz which will close at 730pm.

Kaya nagmamadali akong pumunta sa library at 5pm to take the quiz coz at 6 I have another class. Out of 50, I got 38 just the passing score. YES, pasado. Partida nagmamadali pa HAHAHA!

I don’t have last class because my prof has a date so I got a chance to went home early. And day is kinda not for me coz the LRT wasn’t working so I have to ride a jeep. In the jeep, there were three couples seating together holding hands and flower. Takte kainggit! LOL.

At the footbrigde of EDSA-Taft, there are teens who held cards telling everyone that hearts day should be a dateย  to the LORD. Grabe ang lakas ng loob nila. They are not shy! Medyo nahiya nga rin ako sa sarili ko kasi, I’m pretty sure hindi ko kayang magsisigaw sa maraming tao telling all those. While going down, I heard a voice telling that those people are crazy. Medyo nakakainis lang kasi hindi na nga sila pinapansin ng mga tao (kahit ako) nagsasabi pa ng kung ano-ano.

And that was my hearts day! Soo busy. Hopefully, next year I will come with a date. Sino kaya itong maswerteng babae? HAHAHA =))