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i haven't captured any photo from that event because my camera was enjoying its shit.

Our formator in Center for Social Action had favored the volunteers to attend the candle lighting for peace in QC memorial circle. And since I am starting to feel like pursuing this advocacy, I said yes together with more or less 20 volunteers plus my other peace builder friends whom I was with last peace camp.

What I was really waiting was the speech of PNoy who was also celebrating his 51st birthday that day. Gusto ko lang malaman kung ano yung kanyang point of view regarding the propagation of the real peace. He said: “Panahon na para pag-ilabin natin ang kapayaapan!” (It’s time to light up for peace). With that, they will have several peace talks mostly with the MILF and the muslim community in Mindanao because, the fact is, there is really a big gap between the Christians and the Muslims turning it to a higher form of discrimination resulting to wars and agitations.

And to not waste their efforts, every Juan will know the condition of the peace process and get them involve. How? Reading news papers, watching tv news and participating to forum/discussion are the only simple things we could do to contribute on the success of the peace process.

In conclusion of what he said, he emphasized that there is no impossible if we have the will!

After which, there were candle lighting, Muslim-Christian-IP oration, sounding of the peace bell and taking off of the spirit lanterns. At 6:30pm, the event ended with and in peace!


Antipolo trip!

That day was also, somewhat, a reunion with my other peace builders. Or maybe just my reunion with them coz they actually meet occasionally and most of that time, I wasn’t available. So with this time, alam na! :))

After the candle lighting, we went to our formator’s house para tumambay lang, kumain ng pagkarami-rami at tumawa ng walang katapusan. Talked about love life, wrote in house’s visitor’s note, the ridiculous slash “incest” (this is just a joke, don’t take it seriously) family tree of peace builders, and the so vain photo shoot of Airah and Sam in their self-held-flashlight effect.

At 9pm, we went home. But since pasaway ako, I didn’t go home. With Airah, hinatid namin si Karen kyut in her home in Antipolo, almost 2 hours away from Pandacan. Oh yeah, I enjoyed this advance date HAHAHA. While in jeep going to Cubao, the night was going so late so we decided to sleep over kyut’s house.

At kyut’s house, kwentuhan lang kami until maybe 1:30am. I was holding back my laugh with Airah’s sobrang daming kwento kasi baka magising yung tita at pinsan niya. And it made my stomach and jaw weary, although I really enjoyed the night.

At 6am the next day, we woke up and had our coffee breakfast, packed up and go with kyut in her school. Walang ligo-ligo at toothbrush! HAHAHA. At PUP, we are trying to enter the university because outsiders are not allowed without visitors pass. The thing is, may kausap si manong guard kaya sinamantala ni Airah so she went in sabay sunod naman ako and ohlalala, success! HAHAHA.

After which, we both went home ng pawisan at nanlalagkit. YAIK! I really enjoyed that time and is wishing for more! Til next time friends. :))