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I slept early last night because of the stress and less sleep I had in my Antipolo trip with my peace builder friends. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen so I really didn’t care anyone in house because all I want was to sleep and recharge my body and mind for today’s schooling.  

I woke up at around 2pm and saw my two ates beside mama’s bed. Namimilipit sa sakit ng tiyan si mama. I asked why, what happened. Hindi rin nila alam kung bakit. Hindi naman daw siya gutom pero sobrang sakit ng tiyan niya. Ginising din namin yung panganay naming kapatid, who somehow know how to deal with this kind of instances due to experiences, until everyone in house was up.

I presumed it was Ulcer. My kuya and ate bought medicine and sterilized milk in a mercury drugs (thank you for the 24/7 service!). Kaya lang wala talaga. They suspected it was ‘usog’ (not sure if it is  called ‘flatus’ in english) although I wasn’t really a believer of it. They woke up and summoned our neighbor who as suspected, meron ganung epekto sa tao pagnaka-‘usog’. So they got in our house and see the situation. They said it’s Ulcer, or kind of like that but not flatus.

Mama took a dosage of Buscopan. At 4 in the morning, she’s kinda okay. So I went to bed again and easily slept because I am really tired. When I woke up, I asked her if she’s okay. She said, she went to a doctor together with my two sisters to have her check up and the doctor told them that she had experienced food poisoning.

HELL, what food was that? I doubt she was poisoned because if she does, everybody in house might too have been suffered from it, but she was the only one. Kaya lang doktor yun e. Anong magagawa ko? HAHAHA. Now, she is having her rest and hopefully, while I’m here in school, she is VERY OKAY!

Lord, please don’t let her suffer! In Jesus name, Amen.