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The last term of this school year has just started and although I am so preoccupied until now, I started it good and now with a sudden goal. I did not really plan to have it nor think about it for weeks or so, it was just a sudden decision that later on turned to be my goal for this term.

I want my projects to be done by myself, or at least those that has something to do with papers. I just want to prove to myself that I can without groupmates and others, although I knew myself that I really could, having experienced of accomplishing ‘group projects’ my own. But being solo doesn’t mean alone anymore. I’ll still consult some friends, professors and all for some least big help they could provide me. Like what the popular quotation tells us, “No man is an island.”

Getting solo for my projects doesn’t mean taking my way off the freeriders. They could join my company and gain satisfactory grades without big efforts shown. I could actually stand on it and tolerate them. Anyway, it’s their lost not mine.  They may gain grades but not knowledge. Numbers couldn’t define intelligence. If you’re thinking I get traumatized with these folks, surely you’re wrong. In the first place, it isn’t a traumatic experience. If they’re a problem of this society, then  I absolutely do not care. I focus on myself not them. And, it’s hard to force them work if they’re no interest on the projects, that is why they called freeriders.

Like what I’ve written before in my blogpost  I’m at best when I’m alone, I believe I could work best with only myself, at least for my entire college life. Nothing to worry in bed if members of the group are doing their job, then suddenly if they don’t, get irritated and work on it alone. I don’t have to argue about ideas and explain simple things some peers and classmates could hardly understand or maybe they’re reluctant to put their minds on it so just for the sake of participating, they ask stupid  questions, then suddenly become the start of the ‘losing-sanity’ cycle.

With myself, I can monitor my progress. I can adjust to changing environment and schedules flexibly and easily as well. I could deal easily with revisions and errors. Submit partial requirements on time with less mistakes as much as posible. Or if there are lots, the blame are all on me though I will never blame myself, instead, act on it to make things right. And for sure, I will passed the project with great pride that I do it myself.

It is maybe too risky to do but I’m willing to take that risk just to prove myself, I need no group to make my grade. I have this spirit that I won’t fail. One thing for sure is I don’t wanna fail myself. That is one of the big things I will avoid not to mess up my life. So with this term, I am taking the challenge. With this, I am betting my future to either failure or success: If I fail, I just make a way to ruin everything I have invested. But I will take the risk of failing if I know I will learn. Otherwise, if I did it excellently, it proves me my capability and would certainly divulge what else, at least, I could excellently accomplish.