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It's a 2!

If there’s one thing I should be thanked of with the previous term, perhaps, it is the  claim that I studied hard and tried to understand the lessons so well. Even I didn’t get the grade requirements of a dean’s list, I am proud that I got those grades because I will not realize more the real happiness than the happiness some has thought of real, a pursuit which maybe came from numbers.

I actually do not care about certificates or my name being posted in the bulletin bragging my inclusion to the top students of CSB. Believe it or not, I am after graduation. Which means, I have to pass all the subjects to finish my course on time. And so far, I’m doing good. I  admit that sometimes I wanna question my professors giving me those unreasonable grades. But, never did I do that nor telling other students that my professor is a shit and talking behind their backs. If I do so, it is not about my grade, but that’s another story.

With the previous term, I actually concentrated more on my two major subjects, Programming and Systems Analysis and Design (SAD). Yeah, my eyes focused on them and the efforts were much greater than the others. Sometimes I thought of the other subjects jealous with these two. Really. But I was no help. I must understand every lessons if I wanna build up my future.

So I spent sleepless nights just to study and review each lesson of the two subjects. And I did well, maybe. I didn’t get grades I wanted but I passed and I believed that was the grade I deserve. I never asked my prof why my grade was only that ‘coz they just did their job. Yeah most of the time, giving grades is a subjective work but how could you make it equally right if you know ‘to err is human’. I am not telling professors that they often make a mistake giving hardworking students grades leveled to I-care-about-1.0 students. My point is, some professors overlook deligence from mere obedience.

I got 2.0 and 2.5 from my programming and SAD class, respectively. Those were actually the lowest grade I received ever but I am certainly proud of it. Atleast I know that I worked hard for it. Atleast somehow, I know I understood my lessons well. I am even thankful ‘coz those grades are my proof that happiness is not about grades but how you constructively produce those grades.

What funny is, instead of sympathizing on my grades, I just observed how others accept theirs. Often they complain telling their friends that they deserve something better. And I felt sorry for them ‘coz they were looking for earthly results rather than self-improvement. And I felt sorry for the professors being the blame of anger of students. Hell, who did your grades? The professors? Tell me yes, I’ll bang your head to death.

So what am I arguing about? Do not complain about unreasonable grades unless you intelligently think you have to. Or else, you are just complaining your own shit. That is all. BOW!