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I SEE THE BEAUTY IN YOU. During the peace camp, we frequently sang this song to show our gratitude to everyone. We have two versions of it, the classic which sounds like everyone is singing while ‘high’ on sleep and the regae with yokyok’s guitarย  which sounds like we were hardly drunk. HAHAHA. Kidding aside, I enjoyed singing this and more other songs which are new to my ears. Really, I just heard those songs only that time. Anyway, it is not bad to know those ‘coz they’re actually soothing to my feelings.

Parang kailan lang nung natutunan ko yung kantang ‘to while altogerther singing with other youth campers. Ang sarap lang balikan nung mga oras na everyone are in their rooms then suddenly we will hear the bell ringing courtesy of edsel (the bell boy HAHAHA). Then we were trying to scatter to meet new people aside from home groups and tried to talk to them most especially the other religions to the point of not listening to the speakers because everyone is busy talking with their seatmates. Or making feedbacks every after sharing while others are sharing their tears to us. I’m actually missing those things as of this writing.

I remember Dee and Aurah told us (Aira, Arvin, Sam, Mon, Daryl at Sir Yoks’ house after the camp) that when they heard a bell, they immediately get up from sleep expecting that we still have session and that we were still in the beautiful and peaceful place of BUkal. Yeah, it’s funny but it only proves how they were already attached to the peace camp and its people. Even I longed for it despite of little nostalgia I felt when I was there. And I believe all of the campers will look forward for the next youth camp. :D

Parang kailan lang when I saw Karen’s sweet simple smile, when RJ was serenading us with his original musical compositions like journey using his guitar and the piano-played guitar, when Daryl was grooving us with “Hayden Kho” like dances (peace!), and when Sarah invites us to express our thoughts through creative art works. I will never forget the ‘sensational’ voices of Dee and Aurah, the super kalog personality of Sophia, the simple nice guys Karlo and Arvin, the high pitch yet beautiful voice of Sylvia and the beautiful Ellen-DeGeneres-look-alike Helen. Who will not miss Vahidin’s simple yet ROFL(rolling-on-the-floor-laughing) jokes and lines, Aira’s ‘nakakahiya naman’ favorite rebuttal, Endot’s sweet naughtiness, Aduna‘s appealing princess personality, Peter’s versatility and Bong’s contagious laughter. Surely, everyone will long for Pepe’s freestyle raps, Mia’s(europe) humble character, Baynot’s powerful thoughts, Ayeh’s sizzling moves, and Lovely’s cute ‘charot’ when she shared something to everyone. And of course, we will miss teasing love couples like Carole and Phillipe, Vera and Tone, Caloy and Alena, Sam and B-Jean, Ara and Aaron, Datu Vic and Bai Liza, and me and you! LMAO =))

With the nine days I’d stayed in the peace camp, I feel relieve and relax (but maybe on the later part ‘coz I was worried of my school projects and commitments). There’s a feeling of excitement every morning I woke up and expecting that there’s something new will happen and that surely will help everyone to achieve our goals. And that didn’t disappoint me ‘coz everyday was a surprise and every sharing went deep down inside.

I will never forget the once tragic life of Vahidin in the hands of the Serbs, the traumatic revealing secret of Sylvia’s dad being a member of the Nazi, the hurtful realization of Nanay Angge during her life before where she is now, and the years spent of Helen being one of us as a Filipino. Who would believe that the peace builders now are once before victims of hatred and violence? But seeing these people got up from nightmares proved me that everyone deserves a peaceful mind. I know I’m not totally feeling what they have inside, but I know at the least that they are healing.

With their testimonies, I felt lucky that with this time I have nothing to worry about similar situations they’ve gone through. And I’m so proud that I do not have to experience those things to seek after peace. I mean, they have already opened up our minds that peace is possible without being in a horrible situation. They have prepared us for this. And I am sure that all of the campers are ready for it.

I saw the eagerness among the group. I saw the passion of advocating peace within their communities. I saw the care for each one. And I saw the love driven to every heart. Now, I am so proud that I belonged to this group. I may not totally give my time telling everyone that peace is possible, and that peace is about us, but I am absolutely certain that there’s a portion of my heart replaced by peace. And it will continue to digest until it dwells in my entire conviction.

Keep on the lead. Soon, we’ll have it in hearts. Thank you so much for this enlightenment. You all guys are really beautiful. With that I wanna sing to you this song:

I see the beauty,

I see the beauty,

I see the beauty,

The beauty in you!